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If the bat strikes the catcher's mitt, the rule is catcher's interference. The batter gains first.

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if there was no pitch then no. if there was a pitch then yes.

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Q: If bat hits glove during swing is it interference?
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What is the call if the batter hits the catchers glove on a backswing?

no call. it is only catcher's interference if the catcher's equipment gets in the way of a swing.

What is the only rule in major league baseball where the manager has a choice?

Catcher's interference. If the batter's swing hits the catcher's mitt and then continues through and hits the ball into play. It's the manager's option to take the result of the play or accept the interference by awarding the batter 1st base.

If you swing and ball hits you is the ball live or dead?

If you swing and miss and the ball hits you, it is a strike and a live ball. If you swing and the bat makes contact with the ball and the ball hits you while you're in the batter's box, it is a foul ball and a dead ball.

Is the Mazda 2.5 v6 an interference engine?

AnsweryesWRONG. NON interference. if the belt breaks, nothing hits.

Cricket- if it hits you in the for arm is it out?

no, must be off glove

Is it catcher interference if the batter fouls the ball and then hits the catchers glove on the follow through of the swing?

Yes, interference will be called if the umpire judges the catcher hindered the batter. If the ball is hit and the batter runner successfully reaches first and runners forced to advance or were stealing a base advanced the interference is ignored. If the batter runner is thrown out the manager has the option to accept the outcome of the play or accept the interference call placing the batter runner on first. If other runners are on base the manager's choice will affect them too. Accepting an interference call would require non-forced runners to return to their base. Consider a runner on third with no or one out when interference occurs. The batter runner is thrown out while the runner on third scores. Accepting the interference would require the runner scoring from third to return to third.

What happens when the pitcher catches a ball from the batter?

As soon as the bat hits the glove, the ball is dead. The batter is awarded first base, no matter if s/he hit the ball or not. ---------- Above is incorrect. The play is not necessarily immediately dead on catcher's interference. If the batter puts the ball into play, the umpire lets the play continue until all action has stopped before calling time. The Manager of the team at bat then has a choice of either taking the result of the play, or having the catcher's interference enforced, which would put the batter on 1B, and all runners forced to advance would advance. However, if the batter reaches base safely, and all other runners advance at least one base, then the interference is ignored.

In tennis are two hits occurring in the course of a single continuous swing allowed?

According to the USTA 2008 "Friend at Court" online book (refer to the link, below):"USTA Comment 24.5: Does a player lose a point if the ball hitshis racket twice during one swing? No. Only when there is a definiteand deliberate "second push" by the player does the shot becomeillegal. "Deliberately" is the key word in this rule. Two hits occurringduring a single continuous swing are not deemed a double hit."So, two hits in the course of a single continuous swing is permitted.

If the ball hits the glove when it should have been caught is it a home run?

If the baseball hits the fielders glove, then goes over the wall on a fly in fair territory, it is a home run.

During golf On a full swing a wedge generally hits the ball shorter than a five-iron?

Yes, it does, this is due to the higher loft of the wedge and its shorter shaft.

If the bowl hits the arm pad in cricket is it out or not out?

No, it is only glove and bat.

What do you call ball that hits the ground and short hops into the fielders glove?