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When the player who has the ball has a knee or elbow on the ground when in contact with a player from the opposite team. When the player that has the ball touches any other body part besides his hands on the ground and is in contact with a player from the opposite team.

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Q: When is an NFL player considered down?
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When is a player considered touched in the NFL regarding down by contact?

Contact is considered touched while down or if a player falls because of contact

When is the ball or player considered down in NFL football?

The runner is considered down when either a: His forward progress stops or b: any part of his body other than his foot or hand touches the ground AND he is touched by a player of an opposing team. There is no "down by contact" in college football. That's only in the pros. When a college player goes down he cannot get up and continue running, period. He does not have to be touched by an opposing player to be considered down.

When is an NFL ball carrier considered 'down' if there has been no contact?

In the NFL a ball carrier must be touched to be considered down, otherwise they can get back up and continue running.

Can you pull hair in the NFL?

A defender can legally yank on a ball carrier's hair to bring him down. The hair is considered part of the player's uniform.

When an offensive player carrying the ball falls on an opposing team player on ground is the offensive player considered down by contact?

Not in the NFLNope. At least not in the NFL. If a ball carrier falls down on top of an opposing player and does not otherwise touch the ground, he is not considered down by contact and may continue to advance the ball.Some part of the ball carrier's body, other than his hands or feet, has to make contact with the ground for him to be considered down(Technically, a knee or elbow or helmet has to make contact with the turf for the carrier to be down).This is true for all levels of football play: HS, NCAA, NFL.

Can you pull someones hair in the NFL?

A defender can legally yank on a ball carrier's hair to bring him down. The hair is considered part of the player's uniform.

How long can an injured NFL player remain on the field?

Until it is considered safe to move the player.

Is an NFL player considered down if he was forced down by an opponent but not touched while on the ground?

Yes, if the player is forced down, such as a push or a hit, that the ref deems to have caused the ball carrier to hit the ground, he is down. If he went down on his own in an attempt to make a catch or simply lost his footing, he is not down.

Is a player considered down if he catches a pass falls gets up and keeps going?

In college football, once a player's knee touches the ground the play is whistled dead regardless of whether a defensive player made contact with the ball carrier. In the NFL, a defensive player must make contact with the ball carrier to have the play whistled dead. So to answer your question, in college the player is down and the play is over. In the NFL, the player is not down and the play continues.

Who's the strongest NFL player?

strongest nfl mani think the strongest man is Sean rogers hands down.

Does the clock stop on first down in the NFL?

No, unless there was a penalty or a player went out of bounds.

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Randy Moss (wide reciever) is considered an "elite" NFL player. Great? That's an opinion.

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