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Q: If a player from first to second runs into the base before the ball gets there but the baseman reaches for the ball and knocks the runner off the base and falls on him then tags him is he out?
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What is a baseman?

A baseman is a baseball player positioned at or near a base.

Which player stands between the second base baseman and the third baseman?


Is a player out if she is touched before she reaches home on a home run?

no she isn't

What is blocked shot in basketball?

It is when another player knocks aways the ball (that has been shot) before it has a chance to reach the basket

What does knock on in rugby mean?

A foul in which a player knocks the ball forward.

What does charging mean in basketball?

when an offensive player knocks down a defensive player while the offensive player is dribbling

Is a runner on first out if he makes contact with the 2nd baseman while running to 2nd base on a popup before the 2nd baseman catches the ball with contact occurring after runner reaches 2nd base?

No. A runner is out anytime while running to a base if he makes contact with the ball or the glove that the ball is in. On a pop-fly, a player with the ball only needs to touch the base the runner left from if the runner did not tag-up to the bag after the ball was caught.

Who is the phillies second baseman?

chase utley. the best player in the league

What is a blocked shot?

A blocked shot is a shot in basketball which is grabbed away by an opposing player before it reaches its destination.

What is a pancake in football?

It's when an offensive player blocks and knocks over a defender.

What is a Baseball Assist?

A baseball 'assist' is given when a fielder 'assists' in the making of an 'out' of an opposing player. For example, a ground ball is hit to the third baseman who throws the ball to the first baseman standing on first base who makes the 'out' by touching first base before the runner who hit the ball does. The first baseman is credited with a 'put out' and the third basemen is credited with an 'assist.'

Which player is not part of the outfield?

6 players while on the baseball field do not belong to the outfield, this is excluding the batter. The 6 that are not part of the outfield are: pitcher, catcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, short stop, and 3rd baseman.

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