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The batter is credited with a double, so his batting average will increase. The out would be scored as any other out is scored. It depends on what happened on the play. If, for example, the batter hit the ball down the right field line, and the ball is fielded by the right fielder. He throws to the second baseman, who then throws to the third baseman for the out at third, the scoring would be 9-4-5.

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Q: If a batter gets thrown out trying to stretch a double into a triple how is the out scored?
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If a batter hits a base hit but is thrown out at second is he awarded the base hit?

If he tries to stretch a single into a double and is thrown out as a result, then no, it is scored as an out at second base, not a base hit. The above is incorrect. The batter would be credited with a base hit -- specifically, a single -- and also as being thrown out at second. Check the box score from the Phillies night game of 2012 September 9 -- in the fifth inning Ryan Howard was thrown out at second exactly as described as above, but was credited with a hit.

Does it count as a hit if you get thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double?

Yes. If you reach base safely from a base hit you are credited with a hit regardless of whether you are thrown out attempting to stretch it.

Is the batter credited with a double if he is thrown out while advancing to third base?

Yes, the batter made it safely to second base. Therefore, he is credited with a double.

If a batter hits a double and misses first base and the defense appeals and the batter is called out how is that scored?

If the player misses first base, it would simply be ruled a putout. If the ball was to center, and thrown directly to the first baseman, the score would be an 8-3 putout.

Does the run count if the runner from third crosses the plate and the batter is thrown out going for a double?


Does the runner score from third if batter tries to stretch a single and gets thrown out at second base?

If there are less than two outs, yes. If there are two outs, this is a timing play. If the runner crosses home plate before the batter is thrown out at second base, the run counts. If the batter is thrown out at second base before the runner crosses home plate, the run does not count.

When a batter hits safely to the out field and is thrown out at second is he credited with a single?

No, once you are tagged out you don't get credited with anything if you are the one at bat. Now if another batter hits the ball and there was already a man on base at first and he gets tagged at 2nd base, then yes the man on 1st base would get the single from his previous at bat If the batted ball was cleanly a base hit and he was thrown out trying to advance past first base then the batter would be given the hit corresponding to the last base the batter reached safely. If the batter was thrown out at second, the batter would be given a single. If the batter was thrown out at third, the batter would be given a double. If the batter was thrown out at home plate, the batter would be given a triple.

Runners on 3rd and 1st and the batter makes a 6-4-2-double play does the batter get an rbi?

No, because the 2 part means the runner on third was thrown out

When a batter hits a ball and is able to reach third base but continues to run home and then is thrown out is this considered a hit?

It could and would depend on how the official scorer saw the play. The play could be scored a triple, double and error, single and two base error, or three base error.

Is a batter out if hit by a thrown ball on the way to first?


What is the most pitches thrown to a batter?

A curveball or slider.

Is it a plate appearance if the batter gets thrown out but a runner scores from third base?

It depends on what the count on the batter is when he is thrown out. If there are 2 strikes on the batter and his substitute gets struck out, the at-bat is contributed to the first batter. Otherwise, all stats will be awarded to the substitute batter.

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