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It depends on how he leaves the playing field. If the fielder catches the ball in flight, and falls out of the playing field between homeplate and the yellow line on the wall (foul territory), the batter-runner is out as long as the player maintains full, controlled posession of the Baseball. However, if a player catches a ball and falls out of play over the yellow line signifying a homerun, the play should be ruled a homerun, but specific ground rules may be in effect to rule the batter out.

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Q: If a baseball player catches a ball and then falls out of play is it an out?
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What happens when a defensive player catches a foul ball in baseball?

It is an out, just like when it is a fair ball that is caught.

When playing netball if a player catches the ball drops it and catches it again what is this called?

This is called replayed ball

If a fielder catches a fly ball and falls over the center field fence can the runners advance?

If he catches the ball, the fielder's position doesn't matter.

When a player catches a pop-up and falls and has the ball in his hand when he hits the ground is it a catch?

Yes, it would be a catch, provided the ball did not touch the ground at any time during the act of catching the ball.

Who catches the ball thrown by the pitcher in baseball?


In dodgeball if your opponent catches your thrown ball you are out true or false?

The answer is true. If you throw a ball and a player on the other team catches it, you are out. Tyler

If a player is the dead ball area and reaches into foul territory and catches the foul ball is the batter out?

A batter is out anytime a fielder catches a foul fly ball.

What is fly out in baseball?

A flyout is when the defender catches the ball without the ball hitting the ground

If a baseball player catches the ball with his shirt is it a legal catch?

yes, as long as the ball does not hit the ground or other objects before the player has control of it and as long as any object that did touch the ball (the clothing) is in contact with the player, the catch is good, if the player demonstrates complete control of the ball.

If in football a player catches the ball in his shirt is this allowed?


When a defensive player catches a ball in football?

Interception interception

If a ball hits the foul pole and a player catches the ball is the batter out?

No, that is considered a homerun.

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