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No, it would be a ball because it would be out of the strike zone as it crossed the plate.

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Q: If a ball hits the plate is it a strike?
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If a pitched ball hits home plate is it a strike?


Is it a strike if the ball hits the ground before home plate and the batter hits it?

Yes. If the batter swings, it's a strike.

If a ball hits only the black edge of home plate is it a ball or strike?

if the ball hits the black edge of the home plate this means it is a ball. hope I helped. if you have anyome more trouble email and I can help(:

What is the ruling for ASA softball on a pitched ball that hits the black part of the plate?


When trying to bunt the batter is hit by pitch?

If the batter has the bat out over the plate when the ball hits them it is a strike... As long as the batter makes an attempt at the ball, like pushing or moving the bat to the ball then yes it would be a strike if they were hit.If the batter simply has the bat over the plate and is hit by the pitch out of the strike zone then its not a strike.

Is it a ball or a strike if a batter holds the bat over the plate and the ball is outside the strike zone?

If the bat is over the plate it is indeed a strike. It is considered an attempt to hit the ball and it does not matter where thepitch is in relation to the strike zone. Ball

If a batter hits the ball but it hits the batter then home plate is it fair?

if it hits off the bat then the batter its autmatically foul but if they completely miss then its a strike

What is the difference between a ball and a strike in baseball?

A strike is a hittable pitch and a ball is off the plate.

Does the ball have to cross the front of the plate to be a strike?


If the ball hit the dirt first an then hit you do you take a base?

Yes, you are awarded first base. When a pitched ball hits the ground before reaching home plate it does not become a dead ball. You can swing and miss and it is a strike. You can swing and hit the ball and it is a live ball. If the ball bounces and then comes up over the plate it can NOT be a called strike.

Ball hits home plate?

if a batted ball hits home plate and goes into fair territory it is a fair ball since the plate is in fair territory however it a batted ball hits the plate and goes foul it is a foul ball

What are the balls in baseball?

A ball in base ball is a ball outside of the strike zone. The strike zone is from mid-chest to knees and over home plate. Any ball inside the strike zone is a strike.

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