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The ball is dead and all runners advance one base.

I just wanted to add onto this answer. When this happens the ball is a live ball until the runs advance a base. i.e if the ball never touches the ground and gets stuck in a jersey it would could as a lineout/fly out and the batter would be out, then it is a dead ball... if somehow it happens on a ground ball a force out can be made, but a batter cannot be tagged out

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Q: If a ball gets stuck on a player is it an out?
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What the rule of when a basketball gets stuck on the rim?

When the ball gets stuck on the rim, it should be a jump ball. When the ball gets stuck on the rim, it should be a jump ball.

Shoots the ball and the ball gets stuck between the rim and the backboard?

If the player rebounding the ball and releases it from it's wedged position, the ball is still considered in play and the player rebounding maintains posession of the ball. Type your answer here...

What happens when a ball gets stuck in an umpire's mask?

It's a dead ball.

What happens if in baseball the ball gets stuck in a runners jersey?

If it was a hit ball and the ball was stuck in the runners jersey then the runner is out assuming he had the first contact with the ball. If a fielder has the ball stuck in the jersey then the ball is dead and the hitter would be safe at first.

Some disadvantages of the soccer ball are.?

when it rains the ball could get stuck on the grass and the ball gets very slippery

Which player gets credited with a steal in basketball the player who tips the ball or the player who grabs the tipped ball?

The player who tips the ball.

Can you hit the backboard while the ball is on the rim?

Yes, that's how, sometimes, the ball gets stuck on the hoop. It gets wedged between the backboard and the side of the rim.

In basketball when a ball gets stuck on the basket from a foul shot is it a miss?

ong jia yong

Pitchers pitches the ball is pitched bounces off catcher and gets stuck in the umpires equipment do runners advance?

no dead ball

If a player kicks the ball outside should the other team's player get it?

On a punt the other team gets the ball. But if it's just randomly kicked, who kicked decides who gets the ball.

On a one and one free throw shot in basketball. The Ball gets stuck on the rim who's ball is it?

It's a jump ball so it could be either team's ball.

What is a volleyball assist?

A volleyball assist is when a player (usually the setter) sets the ball to a hitter and the hitter gets a kill. The player who sets the ball gets the assist.

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