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squish it!

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Q: How would you find how much air is in a soccer ball?
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How much rubber is in a soccer ball?

There is no rubber in a soccer ball

How much would a soccer ball weigh in kg?

Approximately 1.43kg.

What easier to do kick a Bowling ball 40 yards or kick a Soccer ball 40 yards?

It would be much easier to kick a soccer ball forty yards.

Is a soccer ball the same as a kickball?

No, because a soccer ball is a hard ball. A kickball is much bigger and softer. Soccer ball is made for soccer. Kickball is made for kickball.

How much pressue is a 5 soccer ball supposed to have?

what is the regulation of a soccer ball pressure

How much air is in a soccer ball?


How much shapes are there on a soccer ball?


How much does a soccer ball cost?

about 20

Does a new or a old soccer ball go farther?

it doesn't matter. a band new soccer ball is as good as an old soccer ball. depending on how much air is in your soccer ball, you'll know how far it will go.

Which can you throw farther a football or a soccer ball?

You can through a football much further then a soccer ball because of it's design. The shape of a football, if thrown properly, makes it much more aerodynamic then a soccer ball.

How much would a soccer ball autographed by the 1999 Fifa World Cup USA women's soccer team champions be worth?


How much would a soccer ball autographed by the 2005 real Madrid soccer team be worth?

it would cost around 300 to never gonna sell ever

Which has greater density a bowling ball or a soccer ball?

Density is defined as the ratio between mass and volume. Since a bowling ball is much much heavier than a soccer ball (which is mainly filled with air), a bowling ball is much denser.

How much does a soccer ball weight in pounds?

A size 5 soccer ball will weigh between 14 and 16 ounces.

How much does a regular soccer ball cost?

about 20

How much does a soccer ball weight in grams?


How much water fits in a soccer ball?

a gallon

How much would a 1994 US men's soccer team signed soccer ball be worth?

at maximum $0.00 because US team stinks...

What is Fuseball Fuseball is like soccer and football it is mixed to make Fuseball there is basketball Fuseball there is soccer Fuse ball and when they are mixed they make Fuseball that is what rugbys?

fuse ball is pretty much soccer but the ball does not bounce as much. it is also played on a basketball court.its kinda like indoor soccer but it is out door and the ball is harder to kick. fuse ball drastically improves your touch on the ball.

How much is an autographed Rod Stewart soccer ball worth?

He is still alive and signing autographs. You can find his autographs available for sale for $10 and up online. Add in the value of the soccer ball and whatever is used to display it.

Were will you not find bats?

On a soccer field, but really it would be easier to ask where you can find bats as that would be a much shorter list.

How much does a soccer ball cost in America?

the prize varies depending upon the quality of the ball . you can get a soccer ball for as low as 10 $ while it can go upto 100 $

How much is a soccer ball signed by the Australian 1985 soccer national team worth?


Do soccer balls have helium?

Soccer balls do not contain helium. if they did, they would float like a balloon! Actually, that's not true. A soccer ball would NOT float like a balloon--they weigh too much. It would, however, increase the distance ever so slightly over that of a regular air filled soccer ball. Eventually over time, the helium would dissipate, much like a helium balloon that slowly falls to the ground.

How much does a soccer ball weigh in pounds?

1.1 lbs