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fuse ball is pretty much like soccer but it is harder to kick the ball and it doesnt bounce as much it is like indoor but out doors. it is played on a Basketball court. fuse ball drastically improves your touch on the ball.

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Q: What is Fuseball Fuseball is like soccer and football it is mixed to make Fuseball there is basketball Fuseball there is soccer Fuse ball and when they are mixed they make Fuseball that is what means?
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basketball . In the UK, 'footie' means football (soccer).

What does et mean inn English?

"Et" means, "And" in English.For example: "J'aime le football et le basket."Means: "I like soccer/football and basketball."Example: "Et toi?"Means: "And you?"

Why soccer ball was the first ball used to play basketball?

Soccer was known and played before Basketball. At first the game was said to involve elements of American Football, Soccer and Hockey but these were just a means to describing the new game to outsiders, so Soccer ball was used until the first Basketball was manufactured in 1894.

Is soccer like football?

soccer in an american term means football to the english.its the same thing.

How do you say soccer in Swedish?

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In the English term, "football" means soccer. But The American term football is played with the hands And helmets on!

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Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

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Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

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It means 42 in Football

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American Football uses an oval ball and french football means Soccer.

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