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at maximum $0.00 because US team stinks...

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Q: How much would a 1994 US men's soccer team signed soccer ball be worth?
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How much is a team signed 1994 US World Cup Soccer ball worth?


How much would a 1994 fa cup final programme be worth signed by the players?

60 pounds

Who was the highest paid soccer player in 1994?

The highest paid soccer player in 1994 was Chris Sutton. He became the first player to 10,000 euros in a week when he was signed by Blackburn.

How much is a Jeff Blake card worth?

I have a 1994 card signed by Jeff Blake in a protective cover in excellent shape. How much is it worth?

What is a hockey puck worth signed by Wayne Gretzky and all the 1994 LA Kings players?

1000 dollars

How much is a basketball signed by the whole team of the 1994 All Star Weekend in Minnesota worth?

Three fiddy

Manchester united official fanzine 1994 signed by Eric cantona twice keane schmeichel giggs pallister and ince how much would this be roughly worth?

Its only worth about £2, if you send it to me I will give you £3 for it. let me know and we will do the deal.

What is a Danish 1 krone worth made in 1994 in the year of 2012?

it would be worth 21 cents if we were in the year of 1994

How much is a 1994 Coca Cola cup football signed by all the Manchester United team including Eric Cantona worth?

i think it is worth about £2,000- £5,000

How much is a basketball signed by the 1994-1995 Arkansas Razorbacks Final Four team worth?

1 dollar... and I am obviously an idoit!

When was Saltillo Soccer created?

Saltillo Soccer was created in 1994.

When did Zico Soccer happen?

Zico Soccer happened in 1994.