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1 minute

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Q: How much time can you get in a timeout in volleyball?
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How long does a timeout last in volleyball?

A timeout lasts 1:00 in a volleyball game.

Can a volleyball timeout take place on the court?

dont no

When can a team request a time out volleyball?

The coach can can call a timeout anytime when the ball is not in play. He/She only has two timeouts per game, though.

How long is a time out in an nba game?

There is the 20 second timeout and a full timeout which is a minute long.

What is a full timeout in an NBA game?

A 'full timeout' is a time out long enough for the network that is broadcasting the game on TV to get an allotment of commercials in. This differs from a '20 second timeout' which is much shorter and usually the network does not show any commercials.

Can you call a timeout after regulation time has expired in a basketball game?

You can call a timeout whenever you would like to.

How much time in a volley ball game?

There is no given time for volleyball

What is a compound word beginning with time?


What is the maximum time a timeout can be in basketball?

about 5 minutes

What is a timeout on the floor in basketball and how does it differ from an official timeout?

Timeout on the floor is a timeout called by a player or coach on either team. An official timeout is a timeout called by the officials and is generally a timeout for a television or radio commercial break.

Is timeout one word?

Dictionaries are widely inconsistent for the word. Some list it as two words time out, or a hyphenated form, time-out, or the one word timeout. The hyphenated form seems to have the longest usage, but it is flagged by spell-checkers in favor of timeout.

How much time does the server have to serve volleyball?

As long as your heart desires!(:

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