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Typically 1 30sec timeout is allotted per game

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1 timeout per game for each team

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Q: How many time outs allowed in minor hockey?
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How many outs per inning is a team allowed?

3 outs

How many outs are allowed in a Major League Baseball game?

3 outs are allowed27 unless theres extra innings

What team leads the league is sell outs in hockey?

my team

How many time outs are allowed to a team during a game of football?

3 per half

What do the letters t.o.l. on a hockey scoreboard mean?

time outs left

What does tol stand for in hockey scoreboard?

It stands for Time Outs Left, although in hockey, they only get one timeout for the entire game. A lot of scoreboards are used in an arena that hosts both hockey and basketball games, though, and in basketball, they have a few more than in hockey.

How do they pick the US hockey team?

Just like any other team, they do try outs

How many players have to be out before the other team can bat in softball?

Each team is allowed 3 outs at bat in each inning.

What does SU in ice hockey mean?

It's "SU", so it means shut-outs (commonly abbreviated SO). This is for goalies.

What does the abbreviation TOI stand for in hockey terminology?

On a basketball scoreboard T.O.L means time outs left!

Is a baseball coach allowed to take the catcher off the base when there is no outs?

Yes why not!

What MLB team has allowed the most runs with 2 outs?

I bet the Chicago WhiteSox