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Really, it depends on what sport. Do you mean per-game or per-year or per-month?

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Q: How much does professional athletes make?
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How much do professional athletes make a year?

not all athletes make the same. butt if it is a game like football than millions

Why do professional athletes make so much money?

Because someone is willing to pay them that much.

How much can a player get paid playing professional basketball in japan?

I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan. I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan.

Why hasn't the large salaries of professional athletes had a negative impact on the athletes or the sport?

Because the economy doesn't focus on mlb and how much money they make.

Does professional athletes get paid too much?

yes they do

Why do professional athletes get paid so much?

because their me

Why do athletes exercise so much?

Professional athletes do it because it's their job. The rest do it because they want to, or strive to become a professional.

Are Actors and Professional Athletes paid too much?


How much money does a professional baseball player in MLB in 2009?

Professional Athletes usually get to chose what they make and they will change teams if they don't think they make enough , but mostly they make about $19.3 million per year.

Are all athletes professional?

Professional refers to somebody who earns a living by doing something, therefore only sponsored athletes are professional. The majority of athletes aren't professional.

How many professional athletes are there in Europe?

There are more than 1,000 professional athletes in Europe.

How many athletes are there per professional athletes?


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