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because their me

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Q: Why do professional athletes get paid so much?
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Why are athletes paid so much?

because they entertain u

Why do athletes exercise so much?

Professional athletes do it because it's their job. The rest do it because they want to, or strive to become a professional.

Why do police officers get paid so much less than professional athletes?

Several reasons; however, the primary is that there are a lot more police officers than professional athletes. If you have more people on the payroll (especially government payroll), you have to pay everyone less in order to account for the money spent. Another reason is that police officers are paid by the government, while athletes are paid by a wealthy private industry.

Why do professional athletes make so much money?

Because someone is willing to pay them that much.

Why do professional football players get paid so much?

because there are good sportsman

What are some reasons why sports athletes should not get paid so much money?

They shouldn't get paid sooo much there are ppl out in the real world saving ppls lives that do not get paid nearly enough!!!

Do most Americans realize that the main reason why professional sports have become so well paid is because of the illegal gambling connection between sports organized crime and politicians?

Are you asking, or stating this assertion? Assertions are better used in declarative statements. Do most Americans realize that the main reason you asked this question was to assert that organized crime, gambling and politics is why professional athletes are so well paid? See how that sentence doesn't really work? I suspect, most Americans who pay the arm and a leg for season tickets believe it is there hard earned money that is paying these athletes. Perhaps, those advertisers who throw billions of dollars towards advertising in professional sports believe they have something to do with why professional athletes get paid so well. It is relatively certain that those people who own professional sports team believe they are the reason professional athletes get paid so well.

How much did athletes get paid in the 1920's?

they got paid with penises so much most of them quit playing sports the they started to pay them with giant boobs and everyone wanted in on the action

Are Asics running shoes cheap?

The shoes are used by some professional athletes so, they are well constructed to fit the demands of professional athletes. So, they are not cheap quality footwear by any means.

How much athletes paid for breaking world record?

A lot of money, so much that they should donate some of their winnings to people that have very little.

What athletes have played professional basketball and professional football?

Deon Sanders played professional baseball and football, so did Bo Jackson

Why should professional athletes get paid more than a medical personel if the medical field actually benefits others?

Unfortunately, it's not a matter of "should." Professional sports teams make a LOT of money, so they can afford to pay whatever price is necessary to have the best team available. If medical personnel were paid the same amounts as athletes, only a very few people would be able to afford medical care.

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