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£250,000 per week

So Rooney earns £1,000,000 per month

ie. £12,000,000 per year

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Q: How much does Roodney earns a week from Manchester united soccer club?
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How much does Robin van Persie earns a week at Manchester United?

He earns around 230,000 pounds a week

How much do Manchester United you earn?

The top players for Manchester United earn over £300,000 a week e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo earns £310,000 alongside Wayne Rooney who earns roughly the same and I am guessing Berbatov won't be short on cash either

How much is Anderson of Manchester united earn weekly?

Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira plays for Manchester United, a football team in England. He earns £300,000 per week during the season.

How much does robinho earns a week at Manchester city?

he earns about 1p a week

Yearly pay of Wayne Rooney?

£4,680,000 That is just from his Wages at Manchester United. He also earns money for endorsements and sponsership deals.

How much is carrick earning?

Michael Carrick, the Manchester United midfielder, earns 70,000 GBP ($113,048.27 USD) per week.

What do world cup soccer referees earn?

A soccer referee earns about 750 dollars a game.

Who earns more money a doctor or a soccer player?

Depends on WHICH doctor and WHICH soccer player. No one answer- sorry.

How much does a famous soccer player earns?

Depends what team.

How much tax does a Soccer player have to pay?

It is dependent on how much he earns

Which soccer player earns the most per week?

christiano Ronaldo

Professional soccer player that earns the most money?

Kaká and Ibrahimovíc

Highest salary in soccer?

The highest salary in soccer goes to professional soccer played Cristiano Ronaldo. He earns approximately $73 million per year, plus endorsements.

How much does emanuele adebayo earns weekly at Manchester city?

one hundred and twenty thousand pounds.

How much does a Professional soccer player earns?

They make 5 $- 30$ million of dollars

How much does yaya toure earn in Manchester city a week?

Yaya Toure earns £200,000 a week.

What is average paid for a soccer player?

The average player earns about 500,000 a week year long.

How much would you get paid to be a soccer star?

Samuel Eto'o who plays for anzhi in russia he is the highest payed player in the world earning in the region of 18million euros a year- ronaldo earns 12million a year- an average standard soccer player earns about 25,000 a week in England

What is the average amount of money a pro soccer player earns atfer playing one game?


How much does Newcastle United's Cheik Tiote earn?

Newcastle's United Cheik Tiote earns 40,000 a day.

What are the salaries of country presidents?

In the United States the president earns $400,000 a year. In Lithuania the president earns 26,125 litu a year. The president of the Philippines is paid about $60,000 peso's a year. The president of Singapore earns $3,140,000 a year.

Who get the largest salary in soccer?

Lionel Messi of Barcelona, who earns around £29.5 million ($46,997,326.44 USD) per year.

How much does Newcastle United's Jonas Gutierrez earn?

Newcastle United Jonas Gutierrez earns approximately $50,000 per week.

Who is the highest paid world association football player?

Real Madrid and England star David Beckham. He gets up to �30,000,000 per year from salary and endorsements.AnswerDavid Beckham is the highest paid soccer player. He switched teams last year from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a $41 million transfer. He earns $28 million dollars a year. well now david bekham doesnt play or either of those teams and messi is the highest paid soccer player in soccer right now at 64 million a year

How much do Rally drivers get paid?

a rally racer earns $50,000.00 a day. rally racing is the second highest money earning sport after soccer.

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