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He earns around 230,000 pounds a week

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2012-08-25 17:51:42
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Q: How much does Robin van Persie earns a week at Manchester United?
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How much does robin van persie earns a week?

60,000 a week and adebayor earns near 100 now

How much do Manchester United you earn?

The top players for Manchester United earn over £300,000 a week e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo earns £310,000 alongside Wayne Rooney who earns roughly the same and I am guessing Berbatov won't be short on cash either

How much does robinho earns a week at Manchester city?

he earns about 1p a week

How much is Anderson of Manchester united earn weekly?

Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira plays for Manchester United, a football team in England. He earns £300,000 per week during the season.

How much does Roodney earns a week from Manchester united soccer club?

£250,000 per week So Rooney earns £1,000,000 per month ie. £12,000,000 per year

How much is carrick earning?

Michael Carrick, the Manchester United midfielder, earns 70,000 GBP ($113,048.27 USD) per week.

Yearly pay of Wayne Rooney?

£4,680,000 That is just from his Wages at Manchester United. He also earns money for endorsements and sponsership deals.

How much does van persie earns at arsenal per week?

70,000 thousand pounds per week

How much does emanuele adebayo earns weekly at Manchester city?

one hundred and twenty thousand pounds.

How much does yaya toure earn in Manchester city a week?

Yaya Toure earns £200,000 a week.

How much does Newcastle United's Cheik Tiote earn?

Newcastle's United Cheik Tiote earns 40,000 a day.

What are the salaries of country presidents?

In the United States the president earns $400,000 a year. In Lithuania the president earns 26,125 litu a year. The president of the Philippines is paid about $60,000 peso's a year. The president of Singapore earns $3,140,000 a year.

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