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Nothing - he started his career there

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Q: How much did Liverpool pay to sign Steven Gerrard?
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How much did Gerrard sign for in 1997?

Steven Gerrard is a product of Liverpool's youth system so they didn't pay any transfer fee for him as he has always been a Liverpool player.

What year did Steven Gerrard sign with Liverpool?

He is a product of the Liverpool youth system, he joined in 1987 and later signed his first professional contract in 1997.

What is Steven Gerrard's star sign?

His birthday is May 30, which makes him a Gemini.

How can you meet steven Gerrard?

If you are good at football then you could get scouted for Liverpool or become a mascot for Liverpool those are the two best awnsers that i have but there is one more you keep your'e eye open in competitions. If you live in Liverpool you could go to there training ground and the players often sign autographs and pose for pictures on there way out. If you live In Liverpool, go down to formby village, he's always in costa, you'll defiantly meet him if you check there regularly

How much did Liverpool sign Torres for?

£20,000,000 plus Luis Garcia

How much did Liverpool to sign joe cole?

free transfer on 4 year contract

Will Liverpool sign ronaldo?


Did Liverpool Fc sign Franck Ribery?

yes he will be going to Liverpool in februrary

Will Liverpool sign Lionel messi?


Which Belgian striker did Liverpool sign this year 2011?

Liverpool did not sign any Belgian strikers in 2011, but they did sign forwards Luis Suarez, Andrew Carroll, and Craig Bellamy.

Who was the last player to sign for Liverpool from Manchester united?

Phil Chisnall remains the only player to ever sign for Liverpool from Manchester United, and this happened in 1964

In what year did Kenny Dalglish sign for Liverpool?


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