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@ the Rodeo i go to if you win, you get close to $140 for fastest time

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โˆ™ 2010-05-20 17:43:37
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Q: How much could you make if you won a professional Rodeo in barrel racing?
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Why was barrel racing started?

It was created to make a rodeo event for girls. You could also say it was created for girls to have fun on there horses(:

Is math involved in barrel racing?

The only way math could be involved in barrel racing is if you look at it using physics.

Who was Barrel Racing originally made for?

Barrel racing like pole bending was made for females so they could compete in rodeos. (they could compete in roping but it wasn't tranditional)

Can you barrel race in college?

Of coarse!! But if you acually have a future in barrel racing then you could get a scholarship! just sayin

How old should a horse be before starting Barrel Racing?

A horse could be maybe at least 2 years old, depending on their training and how well trained they are. Depending on the horse and its training is when it can start barrel racing. :)

What could I get for a Colt 1908 .22 long barrel?

Requires professional appraisal

How old does the horse have to be to barrel race?

The horse can barrel race as soon as it is trained to barrel race. You can start training it once it is ready to ride and take it to barrel races or I know someone who has a barrel racing 4 yr old. It just depends on when the horse is trained to barrel race. So you could have a 10 yr old not ready or a 3 yr old racing an winning!

Where can someone watch movies about chariot racing?

Chariot racing is a dangerous sport. In Roman times professional chariot racers could become very wealthy indeed. One can watch movies about chariot racing on YouTube.

What things go on at a rodeo event?

Calf roping, Barrel racing or other western gaming, bull riding, bronc riding, bare back bronc, team penning, steer wrestling, lamb riding (kids sport). Other events could include roping competitions, wild horse races, children games etc.

Why does my 2001 Isuzu Rodeo rear wiper not turn off?

If the rear wiper on a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo will not turn off it could mean that the rear wiper switch is broken. The cost to replace the switch averages around $200 if done by a professional mechanic.

What is the value of an 1890's German drilling gun 16 gauge 2 barrel over rifle barrel fully engraved metal?

Requires professional appraisl. Could be 100-10000 USD

You would really like to do barrel racing?

Start off with barrel racing lessons first if possible. If not possible, the second best thing would be to get some videos and books and study up on it. Then if you decide you really like it, try to get your hands on an older horse experienced in barrel racing. Depending on your previous riding experience would determine just how old he should be. for a beginer rider, you want to look into 10 year olds or older but if you have alot of riding experience, you could go for a horse closer to 5.

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