What sport is barrel racing?

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It is a horse race.

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Q: What sport is barrel racing?
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Who founded barrel racing?

No one really did found barrel racing. Women were getting together and thought of barrel racing. And now its world wide sport :)

Was barrel racing a sport originally developed for women?

Yes, Barrel Racing was a sport originally developed for women. Now, it's still primarily a women's sport, but is also popular for boys and girls.

On Howrse Barrel Racing is a sport that was originally developed for women?

This is true.

Barrel Racing is a sport originally developed for women?

Barrel racing was designed for women, 8 out of 10 people that barrel race are female.

Is barrel racing a sport orignally developed for women?

Yes, barrel racing was a sport designed for women. Considering we couldn't ride the bulls or the broncs, Women got together and designed a rodeo sport just for us. Now, though, men can run the barrels as well.

When did barrel racing first start?

how did barrel racing start

What Sport is played using animals?

Equestrian sports: Show jumping, dressage, barrel racing and polo.

Is barrel racing a sport?

yes! you use both your mental and physical skills plus commanding an 800 pound animal! i would say that is a sport!

Was barrel racing originally for women?

yes it was. on howrse that is the answerBarrel racing started out as a women's/girl's sport, but quickly became popular for men and boys as well.

Is Barrel Racing is a sport originally developed for women?

Yes it is. if you need help on howrse my username is 1357huli thanks

What is the hardest thing about barrel racing?

The hardest thing about barrel racing is the ground.

How did barrel racing begin?

Barrel racing was invented by women. It is thought that the wives of cowboys in the rodeo got together on their horses and created the sport. It eventually became part of the rodeo, but at first it was judged instead of timed.

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