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For Howrse, the answer is barrel racing

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Q: Which is not an Olympic discipline?
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Is soccer played in the Youth Olympic Games?

Yes, Soccer is a youth Olympic discipline.

What is the Highest honor in the World of Sports in respective Olympic Sports Discipline?

"Hall of Fame" is the Highest Honour in the World of Sports in respective Olympic Sports Discipline.

Since when is sport climbing an Olympic discipline?

Since 2021

When did Dalton's Law come into effect?

When prat falling became an Olympic discipline.

What 9 winter Olympic disciplines?

Which discipline had the first doping scandal in Winter Olympics?

What is the wording on olympic medals?

XXX Olympiad London 2012 with the sport and discipline engraved on the rim.

What the first two players from India to be inducted into Hall of Fame in any Olympic Sports Discipline?

Master Pradipta Kumar Roy & Smt. Ruma Roy Chowdhury -- the first two players from India to be inducted into "Hall of Fame" in any Olympic Sports Discipline.

In what discipline is Tom Daley world champion?

Tom Daley is a British Olympic contender in the sport of Diving.

German cyclist Christa Luding has also won four medals in what Winter Olympics sport?

Christa's Winter Olympic discipline was speed skating.

Did cycling take part in the olympics of 1892?

The sports discipline of cycling began being contested in the Summer Olympic games in the games of 1896, which is considered the year of the birth of the Modern Olympic movement, thus, it was not a category that was contested in the games of 1892.

What type of bikes do the olympic cylclist and what are theyu used for?

depends on which discipline they're competing in. There's Cross-country MTB, there's Time Trial Road, there's the ordinary road race...

Use the word discipline in a sentence?

Children need discipline or they will run amok.There is a lot of discipline in the army.We will discipline you if you do not follow the rules on