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There are two years between the summer and winter games.

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Q: How many years are there between the summer and winter games?
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How long between summer and winter Olympics?

The Winter Games are about 1½ years after the Summer Games; the Summer Games are about 2½ after the Winter Games.

How many years are there between the Olympic games and the Olympic winter games?

Summer games= 4 years Winter games= 2 years

What is the period between Winter and Summer Olympics called?

The four years between two summer games or between two winter games is called an olympiad. Note that the summer and winter games are separated by two years, e.g. 2008 Beijing, then 2010 Vancouver and then 2012 London.

How many years are there between the summer and winter olympic games?


How many years are there in between the oylmpic games?

There is an Olympic games every two years. But it alternates between summer and winter Olympics.

How often are they olymipc Games held?

The Olympic games are held every 2 years. The summer and winter Olympic games alternate every 2 years, so it will be 4 years in between each summer games and likewise for the winter games.

How often does olympic games occur?

Summer Olympics in every 4 years; in between there are the winter Games

How many years were between the first modern summer games and the first winter games?

28 ... the first modern Summer Olympics was in 1896 and the first Winter Olympics was in 1924.

When did the us participate in the Olympics?

Every 2 years, alternating between summer and winter games.

Did the summer and winter Olympics bo held at the same time?

Not in the same month but both the Winter and Summer Olympics were held in the same year through 1992. After 1992, the Winter and Summer Olympics are held two years apart. The Summer Games are in a leap year and the Winter Games are in the even numbered year between leap years.

Why were winter Olympics held in 1992 and1994?

The summer and winter games used to be held the same year, every four years. The IOC decided to let the winter and summer games be stand alone events and alternate them every two years (still leaving 4 years between each summer games and each winter games). The choice was either to have 2 years between winter games or 6 years between games. In some sports, 6 years can be the entire length of an athletes career, so that would eliminate some athletes from ever having the opportunity to compete in the games. It also wouldn't hurt the bottom line to hold more games instead of less games.

When did the winter Olympics go from 4 to 2 years?

They didn't. The Winter Olympics are still held every four years, but as of 1994 Winter Olympic years are midway between Summer Olympic years. Before 1994, the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics were held in the same years. The only Winter Olympics that were two years apart were the 1992 Games and the 1994 Games.

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