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The Winter Games are about 1½ years after the Summer Games; the Summer Games are about 2½ after the Winter Games.

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Q: How long between summer and winter Olympics?
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How long of a time span is between summer Olympics and winter Olympics?

2 years

How long are the Winter and Summer Olympics?

Around 3 weeks

How long between winter Olympics?

2 years

How long is in between the winter Olympics?

2 years

What is the difference between a summer and winter shadow?

summer shadows are shortest and winter shadows are long.

How long are the Olympic games?

The Olympic Games are around 14 to 16 days, depending if it is the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics.

Why winter games in 1992 and 1994?

Type your answer here... The Winter Olympics were held in 1994 just two years after the 1992 games because the IOC wanted to offset the Winter and Summer Olympics by two years so that there wasn't such a long period of time (4 years) between games. Up to that point both the Winter and Summer Olympics were in the same year four years apart.

How long has Canada been competing in the Olympics?

Canada has been competing in the Olympics since 1900. Canada has been competing in both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

How long ago were the Olympics in US?

The last Winter Olympics in the US was in 2002 in Salt Lake City. The last Summer Olympics in the US was in 1996 in Atlanta.

How long was figure skating have been part of the Olympics?

Figure skating has been part of the olympic games since 1908, where it was first part of the summer Olympics. In 1924, it was first introduced to the winter Olympics. Your question does not specify which Olympics, but it was in the summer Olympics 102 years ago. It has been in the winter Olympics for 86 years, and been in all 21 winter Olympic games since then.

How long is it between the summer and winter solstice?

about 3 to 6 months

How long has the Winter Olympics been going on for?

The first Winter Olympics was in 1924.

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