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74 in the last 50 years

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Q: How many win less college football teams have there been?
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What percentage of high school basketball players play college ball and what percentage of college players go on to professional ball?

way less than football because football teams have more players on one team. Basketball has usually 9 to 15 players compared to 53 players on a football team.

Is a college football bigger than the NFL football?

Is a college football bigger than the nfl football? This question will be answered college or NFL. Its NFL because it National Football League . College is less Better cause the people arent as good. Have A Nice Day! :D

Who has the worst bowl game winning percentage in college football history?

This question needs a "qualifier". Such as "for teams with at least 10 appearances"... As it stands, there are several teams with a 0% winning percentage. Most have attended 5 or less bowl games and some have never attended.

What was the history of football in the 1920s?

The country was football mad in the 20s. It still i ma a gay homo,was not a national game the way it is today though. To be sure it was wildly popular but not the professional game. College football was where it was at. Colleges ran direct snap offenses and the influence of guys like Pop Warner, Fielding Yost was running strong throughout the country. There was lots of gambling and drinking associated with the game (as there has been throughout its history). By and large the major powers were still in the East and the Midwest. Football in the South and the West had not really come of age yet. Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Michigan, Penn and now unknown schools like Carnegie Tech were powers. It was common (though less so than in previous times) for college B teams and fraternity teams (and sometimes junior college teams) to play high school teams. In most of the country, the concept of round robin schedules did not exist and teams scheduled games as best they could and often modified their schedules during the season, picking up games or even dropping them in accordance with the fortunes of that particular year.

When do college football rankings come out?

Every Sunday at less there is a Monday night game.

What percentage of college football players go pro?

Less than 1 percent for all divisions, but less than 4 percent for division 1A.

How many Pro athletes have a College degree?

50% of football, 25% of basketball and less than 10% of baseball.

How have women been discriminated in terms of their level of participation in sport?

get less salary in sport than men. less football coverage on t.v and less publicity in newspaper.

Where is football originated from?

People have been playing kicking games for literally hundreds of years. The game we know as association football, or soccer, more or less began in 1863, with the founding of the Football Association in England.

Do Mexico teams play basketball?

Yes. Although it is much less known than Mexican football (soccer), basketball is one of the most popular sports in Mexico, especially among youngsters. There is even a national basketball league, which includes 16 teams.

Who is the worst division 3 college football team?

that would be thiel college who was ranked last in every major category and with less than 100 total points scored during the 2010 season

What percentage of division 1 collegiate football players go pro?

Less than 2 percent of Division 1 college football players go pro. There are about 118 Division 1-A schools in the US.

Is it true that if boys and girls were on the same sports teams there would be less teams?


How many college athletes play proffessional sports?

very few college athletes will ever play professionally in their paticular sport. For the main sports like basketball, football, etc. less than 2 percent of the college athletes will go pro.

In college football can you attempt a field goal twice in a row?

yes, if it is blocked behind the line of scrimmage and recovered by the kicking team on 3rd down or less

What does it mean when for children's sports to be less?

less childrens sports like less teams and stuff

What is the average size of defence line man?

in college a fast d-end is like 230 big d-ends are 250ish and d-tackles range from 250-300 this is top 50 college type it can change for the less talented teams

If your financial aid has been terminated at one college due to unsatisfactory progress and you decide to go to another college will you be able to receive financial aid at the new college?

That depends on the college's requirements. Most likely not though because if the first college cancelled the aid because of less than satisfactory performance the other school will look at the applicant less favorably.

International football Teams that have qualified for all world and European cups competitions?

Derry City, West Bromwich Albion and Manchester United! Less winnings are actually loads of winnings so ha!

What are the nicknames of all World Cup football teams?

Brazil are called Caneries, Argentina are the Pumas, Italy the Azzuriee, France Less Blues.England the Lions., Nigeria Super Eagles, Ivory Coast the Elephants.

Why are there more male basketball team than females teams?

nba has been around for many many years... while wnba has only been around for 10 or so.... wnba hasn't gained as much popularity as oppose 2 nba.. therefore at this time wnba has less teams.

Does the football weigh more or less deflated?

Slightly less

Why rugby players get paid less than football players even though rugby is more dangerous?

Football (soccer) started as a pro game much sooner and has been marketed world wide

Are college football video games batter than NFL games?

depends, if u like the more recruiting and less gameing than college is better but if u like an easier offseason and great in-game playing hen take Madden

How many current or former FSU football players have been arrested?

I don't know, but I do know it's less than the Gators and the Hurricanes.