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Jump high

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Q: How many ways to get over the high jump crossbar?
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How many unusual ways can you get over the high jump crossbar?

Jump under it

What goalkeeper can jump higher than the crossbar?

Most goalkeepers can jump over the crossbar in soccer, but one example is José Manuel Reina.

How many ways to get over the high jump?

i have no idea hahah !

What are the rules for high jump?

the rules of high jump i think you have to jump over the bar safely without dropping the bar. if you didnt jump over in you gat two more chances to jump over.

If you could do a high jump at 2.5 meters about how many feet did you jump?

A little over eight feet.

How do you jump over the moon?

It is physically impossible to jump over the moon. You would have to be able to stay airborne for hours probably. And you would have to jump many miles high.

How many way can you get over a high jump cross bar?


What do Olympians jump over in the high jump?

a bar

How high can a Bengal cat jump?

6 to 12 feet high. It can jump over me!

How many ways can you get over the high jump cross bar?

If you have a run up

How high can a deer jump?

Deerhave been documented to jump over cars, and jeeps. Many deer have been seen to jump over 12 foot fences when being chased by prey

Does the jump matter with how high horses can jump?

Of course it does! If your horse is a Shetland and you ask it to jump over a 1 meter high jump, then you'll kill it!

What is the high jump?

Athletic Jump. Where You Jump Over A Bar Using The Tequique 'The Frosby Flop' Or 'Scissor Jump' These Are Ways To Get Over The Bar. x

What is high jump?

High jump is a competition where athletes attempt to jump over a fiberglass bar off of one foot and land on a mat.

How many ways can you get over a high jump cross bar Name ten ways that you could get over a cross bar. Write ten ways i could get over a high jump cross bar Is it hard to get over a high jump cross?

hmm make it shorter nobody wants to write ten ways on how to hop a cross bar. the best way to do it is the fosbury flop.

Adverbs for jump?

Adverbs for the word jump include high, over, and down.

Can dogs jump as high as cats?

yes pitbulls and german shepards are trained to jump high to get over places or to attack

How do you teach horse how to jump?

horses nturally know how to jump! Yes^^, they do, but some just don't like to and will not. You should start with a few trot and canter poles. Once the horse is going over those confidently, set up a course of ground poles. Once your horse has completely mastered that, try a tiny crossbar. Just be patient and keep leading them over the little crossbar. Once the horse is good with you leading him over it, ride him over it. Eventually you will be able to raise the jump and try parallels and oxers and any kind of jump you want=). Bounce jumps are also good for teaching. Bounces are jumps set so close together that the horse only has room for one stride. Jump, land, jump again.

What abilities the horse can do?

They can jump over high fences.

How big was the biggest jump jumped by a horse?

actually, the jump was over 13 feet high

What do the people on the track and field jump over called?

Well there are two options. They either jump over a hurdle, which is a short bar that the runners race over, or they jump over a bar for the high jump or pole vault, which has two stands and a flexible bar.

Which sport has finish line no competitor will ever cross?

The high jump. Nope, it's swimming, you jump over the bar at the high jump therefor you cross it.

How do you use the word jump in a sentence?

I had to jump over the mud puddle. Fences usually are high enough so farm animals cannot jump over them. Most wolves can easily jump over a fence.

How do you win in high jump?

a. Get over the bar. b. Jump higher than competitors.

How can a lion jump high?

over 11 feet in the air.