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i have no idea hahah !

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Q: How many ways to get over the high jump?
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How many ways to get over the high jump crossbar?

Jump high

How many unusual ways can you get over the high jump crossbar?

Jump under it

How many ways can you get over a high jump cross bar Name ten ways that you could get over a cross bar. Write ten ways i could get over a high jump cross bar Is it hard to get over a high jump cross?

hmm make it shorter nobody wants to write ten ways on how to hop a cross bar. the best way to do it is the fosbury flop.

How many ways can you get over the high jump cross bar?

If you have a run up

What is the high jump?

Athletic Jump. Where You Jump Over A Bar Using The Tequique 'The Frosby Flop' Or 'Scissor Jump' These Are Ways To Get Over The Bar. x

How do you get disqualified in high jump?

There are many ways. Some include taking preformance enhancing drugs and not showing up to the event.

How do ninjas jump so high?

Ninjas are able to jump high in many ways but the have special ways they jump higher... don't quote... ninjas are somehow able to jump higher because in their spiritual training they've learned to tolerate the wind and use it to their advantages. and in added affect to the wind they have their light clothing give them a stronger jump. so in a way ninjas do have a special way of jumping-Nicholaus Zelenka Franklin Central High School.

How many ways can you spell the word jump?

Only one way correctly: jump.

How many possible ways are there to rearrange the letters in the word jump?

24 ways

What are some ways to get up on a gymnastics bar?

pull over, squat on, jump, springboard

What are some ways to practice for spring track indoors without needing any equipment?

I have heard you can place a pile of books on the floor and jump knee high over them, like 100 times or something.

How do you move up floors for the PC game icy tower?

There is many ways to move up floors in icy tower. The easiest way is to just push the space bar and jump to the next platform, or you can run at the wall and jump. You can also do a high cart wheel jump but you have to run pretty fast.

What do you do if your horse refuses a jump in the show arena?

if your horse refuses the jump, you turn the horse around in a circle, then go a little ways away from the jump, (but not too far giving the horse time to think about how to get away with going over the jump) and then (if the jump is not too large) trot your horse over the jump giving it leg pressure up to the jump to coax it to jump. (its easier to trot over the jump than canter when your horse doesn't want to jump it) if your horse refuses a jump during a show, this will count down points but if your horse refuses a few times you are disqualified. hope that helps!

What is superelevation in highway?

a high way that is elevated in the sky really high over all the stupid elevation high ways

What are ways to jump higher?

work on your calves. the stronger they are, the higher you will jump.

Movement of dog?

Dogs have the ability to move in a variety of ways. They can jump. walk on hind legs, run, walk backwards, and roll over.

What could you do for cardiovascular fitness?

You can do this in many ways. You can do as much a s a simple fast walk, jog, ride a bike, or even jump rope. These are only a few ways.

How many ways are there to help the earth?

There are over 100 ways to help the earth... : )

How many major high ways does California have?


How have the designs of houses changed over time?

Over time, houses have changed in many ways. Some ways that houses have changed are, the materials made to build them, how many stories they have, and how many rooms are within them.

How do you Riot Shield lunge in MW3?

There are many different ways to 'lunge' on MW3. I think the best way is run, jump then melee

What are two ways of serving a volleyball?

You can either serve under hand, by holding the ball in you non dominant hand and swinging underhand and hitting it over the net. Or you can serve over hand, by throwing the ball up in your non dominant hand and hitting it like an archers postion. You can also do a jump serve it is the same as an overhand serve but you jump while doing it!!!! Jump serve is the most powerful but also the hardest to master.

How you big jump in transformice?

There are two ways to jump further in Transformice. One is called the Long Jump.This can be achieved by standing on the very edge of a ledge, so that only your foot is touching the side, then running and air jumping over. This will get you further than usual.Corner Jumping increases your speed, and is able to propel you over further distances. Jump onto the corner of an ice or normal wood block. If you hit the corner, you will be deflected and will be moving faster, allowing you to air jump to reach a further distance.

Are there more ways to catch aids then there are to get high?

Getting high is a good way to catch aids. It is possible to transmit the aids virus in any body fluid. Try and figure out just how many ways there are to do that. There are an awful lot of ways to get high also. Hard to say which would win.

How can I learn to jump higher and what sort of training should I do?

If you mean to jump higher for high jump (the sport), then I would suggest that you see if there are any track and field clubs in your area. Other than that, you can skip (not skip rope) and every few steps throw one knee high and jump. To properly train for high jump, you need a large mat and preferably a bar and supports for it. If you mean to just jump higher straight up, then I would think that the best way would be to practice practice practice. Set aside a certain amount of time every time (or several times a day) and spend it jumping in a variety of different ways. Regardless of whether you take either suggestion, remember to stretch and warm up, especially before strenuous exercise.