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In professional volleyball, you get one.

High school competitive rules were changed to allow "tosses" that are clearly not intended as part of a serve (subject to time allowance).

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Q: How many tosses do you get for a serve in volleyball?
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What is the volleyball serve?

a volleyball serve is when one team either underhand or overhand 'serves' to the other team; when one person goes to the back line of the volleyball court, tosses the ball, and contacts it with their hand, or leaves it on their hand and hits it over the net with their fist. they must serve from behind the serving line.

What is overarm serve in volleyball?

refers to whether the player strikes the ball at waist level, or first tosses the ball in the air and then hits it above shoulder level

How many seconds do you have to serve the volleyball?

if ur 14 and under then you have 5 seconds to serve the volleyball

How many ways are there to serve a volleyball?


Who many seconds does a server have to serve in volleyball?

You only have 8 seconds to serve the vollleyball.

Is out on a serve in volleyball?

i do not understand your question. but you ca serve the ball out in volleyball.

How do you say Serve a volleyball in Spanish?

servir un voleibol is how you say Serve a volleyball :)

How many feet from net do you serve a volleyball?


When can a player block a serve in volleyball?

You aren't allowed to block a serve in volleyball.

How many hits to return a serve in volleyball?

3 or less

In high school volleyball how many seconds do you have to serve?

Internationally, a server has only 8 seconds to serve.

What is a serve in which the server tosses the ball makes an approach jumps and spikes the ball?

This is called a jump serve.

How many times can you serve volleyball?

In youth wreck, you can serve three times before the ball is handed over to the other team. I think in middle school, high school, and select volleyball, you can serve until you mess up.

How many attempts does the server get in volleyball?

One attempt per serve.

Are you allowed to serve with a fist in seventh grade volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to serve with a fist in any level of volleyball.

How many seconds does the team have to serve the ball?

The person serving has only 5 seconds to serve the volleyball to the other team.

Can you attack a serve in Volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to attack or block a serve in volleyball. If you did, you would give a point to the other team.

What class of lever is used during a volleyball serve?

above vi std players are used volleyball serve

What is the backcourt in volleyball?

its the back of the court in volleyball, also where you serve from.

What is a volleyball server?

a volleyball server is the player who will be serving the ball...A server in vollyball is someone who over hands serve or underhand they get to serve as many times as they want as long as the team they are on is winning. - hoped it helped :)

Where do you serve from in volleyball?

You serve from behind the courts line.

How far away do you stand to serve a volleyball?

You should stand behind the line, to serve a volleyball. If you put one of your legs over the line, the serve won't count.

In volleyball how many seconds are allowed before a server has to forfeit his serve?

8 seconds

What does serve out mean in volleyball?

When the referee calls "serve out" it means that the serve landed outside of the volleyball court and is therefore out of play. When this happens, the team opposite the server's gets a point and gets to serve ball.

What is a baseline in volleyball?

The baseline in volleyball is where you would serve from. Or if you don't serve that far back, it is considered the out line. The farthest line from the net.