How many times olympic held now?

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every four (4) years

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Q: How many times olympic held now?
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Why is the Olympics held at this time year?

The Olympic Is Held At This Time Of Year Because It Started In The Summer On The First Olympic And Now It Is Kept As A Tradition.

Where exactly were the Olpympics held?

The first Olympic games were held in the country we now call Greece.

Why are the Olympic games held now?

because they want to see who is the strongest

2008 olympic games?

Are the most recent Olympic games, held in Beijing, China. They are going on right now.

How have the Olympics changed from ancient times to now?

In ancient times there were very few events but now there is a wide variety, also ancient Olympic games were only held in Greece and only Greek city- states competed now it is a world wide event

Where were the modern Olympics games held?

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. Cities now make an application to the Olympic Committee and they decide to which city the games are awarded.

How many times Britain held Olympics?

London was the Host City in:19081948And now in 2012.

If the olympics never canceled how many ancient olympic games would have been held?

Divide the years between now and 776 BCE by 4 and you get your answer.

After how many years will the Olympic Games be held again?

In two years, the Winter Olympics will be held. The Summer Olympics, held this year, are scheduled again four years from now. Each repeats every four years, offset from the other by two years.

How many Commonwealth Games are held till now?

60 commenwealth games are held till now

How many times has olympic lyon won champions league?

Olimpique Lyon is a french team. They haven't won the Champions League till now.

How many times has London hosted the Olympics including London 2012?

London hosted the Olympic games in 1908 and 1948, and now in 2012 = 3

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