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The Cowboys have made the playoffs a total of 30 times from 1966 to 2009.

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Q: How many times have the cowboys made the play offs?
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What years were the Dallas Cowboys in the play offs?

Since 1966, the Dallas Cowboys have appeared in the playoffs 30 times.

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How many times have the saints made the play offs?

Nine times, with a 6-8 record and one Superbowl win.

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Every time

Were the Houston oilers ever in the play offs?

As the Houston Oilers they made the playoffs 15 times and won nine times.

How many times can a NFL team lose in order for them to make to the play offs?

The Detroit Lions made the playoffs in '08 and they went 0-16.

How many times have the Seattle Seahawks been to the play offs?

Twelve times, with nine wins and one Superbowl appearence.

How many times have the Tennessee Titans been to the play offs?

They went to the playoffs six times as the Titans and fifteen times as the Houston Oilers.

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He has made the playoffs 10 times and played in 18 playoff games. He has won 9 playoff games and lost 9.

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As of 2011 season. The raiders have not made playoffs 9 consecutive seasons.

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As of the end of the conference finals, Zdeno Chara has scored two goals.

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12 teams qualified for the Stanley Cup playoffs in 1978.

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