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As the Houston Oilers they made the playoffs 15 times and won nine times.

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Q: Were the Houston oilers ever in the play offs?
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How many times have the Tennessee Titans been to the play offs?

They went to the playoffs six times as the Titans and fifteen times as the Houston Oilers.

Where do the Houston Oilers play now?

The team formerly known as the Houston Oilers moved after 1996 to become the Tennessee Titans.

Did the Houston oilers ever play in any playoffs?

Yes. They have played in 19 playoff seasons with 14 wins.

High profile running back for the Houston Oilers?

Earl Campbell, Gary Brown, and Eddie George were the best running backs the Oilers ever had. Eddie George did play in Houston before the team moved away.

Which stadium did the Houston oilers play in?

Jeppesen Stadium then the Astrodome.

Did Earl Campbell play for Dallas Cowboys?

No. The Houston Oilers

Who did the patriots play in foxboro massachussetts october 1993?

The Houston Oilers - the Oilers won 28-14.

What NFL team is in Houston tx?

The Houston Texans play in Houston Texas. In addition the Tennessee Titans used to play in Houston when they were known as the Oilers, from 1960-1996.

Where did Houston oilers play before Houston?

They played in Houston from the club's formation in 1960 until moving to Tennessee in 1997.

Did Tony Dungy ever play quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers when they played the Houston Oilers?

Yes, he did. On October 9, 1977, versus the Houston Oilers, Tony Dungy completed 3 passes in 8 attempts for 43 yards and threw 2 interceptions.

What is the nearest stadium to Houston Texans?

The Houston Texans play in Reliant Stadium. The Houston Astrodome is in the same parking lot as Reliant Stadium, and is where the Houston Oilers and Houston Astros used to play.

Best goalie for oilers?

grant Fuhr was by far the best goalie ever to play for the Oilers.

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