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Q: How many times has the Houston Rockets made it to the play offs?
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How many NBA teams are located in Texas?

Dallas Mavericks San Antonio Spurs Houston Rockets

How many games has the Houston Rockets won this year?

As of Tuesday April 15,2008 the Houston Rockets have one game remaining before the playoffs. They are currently ranked 5th in the west.

How many total NBA championships do the Houston rockets have?

they have two or more because hakeem olajuwan won both at Houston

In the Chicago Bulls first three championshipshow many times did they defeat the Houston Rockets out of the six games that they played?

Once ... January 25, 1992 by the score of 114-100.

How many players in the NBA are from Texas?

Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets San Antonio Spurs

How many NBA titles have Houston won?

The Rockets have won two NBA titles (1994, 1995).

How many players over 7 feet tall did the Houston Rockets have on their 2005-2006 roster?


How many nba teams are in tx?

Three, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets

How many rockets have not made it to the moon?

my answer is 3,000

How many times was Chucky Brown an NBA Champion?

Chucky Brown was only a Champion once, that was in the 1995 NBA Finals with the Houston Rockets. They won against the Orlando Magic 4-0.

How many times have the Tennessee Titans made it to the super bowl?

They went to the playoffs six times as the Titans and fifteen times as the Houston Oilers.

How many rockets were made?

There were thousands of different types of rockets made. Military use of explosive rockets dates back over 700 years. In modern times rockets have been used to bombard armies from the ground, to attack ground positions from aircraft or to attack ground forces from ships. Rocket firing barges were one of the Allied forces greatest weapons on D-Day. Rockets today can launch space vehicles or send emergency flares up into the sky. - There is no way to count how many rockets were made, the numbers would run into millions.