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Australia are a founder member of the RWC and therefore have and will play in all RWC series.

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Q: How many times have Australia played in the rugby world cup?
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How many times have Australia won the rugby world cup?

Australia won the 1991 and 1999 rugby world cups.

How many times have France played in the rugby world cup final?

Three times. New Zealand beat them in 1987 and 2011, and Australia beat them in 1999.

Who played prop for Australia v England in 1995 rugby world cup?


How many times did australia win the world cup?

In rugby they have won it twice. In 1991 and 1999.

Where is rugby league commonly played?

Its played world wide but has most activity in England, Australia and New Zealand

How many times has Italy played in the rugby world cup?

Since the competition's inception in 1987, Italy have played in all six Rugby World Cup tournaments.

When was the last time Australia played Ireland in rugby?

The last time Australia played against Ireland in rugby was in the Rugby World Cup 2011 hosted by New Zealand. The match was played on 17. September and the venue was Eden Park i Auckland. Ireland won the match 15-6.

Where was the first Rugby World Cup world cup played?

It was played in both Australia and New Zealand with New Zealand being the main host.

Who played in the final of the 2003 Rugby world cup?

England and Australia - England won 20 - 17.

How many times has New Zealand played in the Rugby World Cup finals?

all six times

Is England better that Australia at rugby?

Australia and England have met in Rugby Union test matches 36 times; Australia have won 21 of these encounters, England have won 14 and there has been one draw. The Wallabies have won the Rugby World cup twice, England has won it once.

Who have won the rugby world cup more that two times?

No one, Australia and SOuth Africa have one it twice

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