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Q: Who played prop for Australia v England in 1995 rugby world cup?
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Who played in the final of the 2003 Rugby world cup?

England and Australia - England won 20 - 17.

Where is rugby league commonly played?

Its played world wide but has most activity in England, Australia and New Zealand

What year did england win rugby world cup?

In the 2003 rugby world cup hosted in Australia, England made it to the finals against Australia and won 20-17.

How many world cup rugby final has Australia played in?

Three: 1991 v England 1999 v France 2003 v England

Is England better that Australia at rugby?

Australia and England have met in Rugby Union test matches 36 times; Australia have won 21 of these encounters, England have won 14 and there has been one draw. The Wallabies have won the Rugby World cup twice, England has won it once.

Where is rugby union played?

rugby union is played all over the world, but it is a predominant sport in countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, France, New Zealand, South Africa

Where was the 1991 Rugby World Cup held?

England held the compition where they were beaten by Australia 12-6

What was the tense score between England and Australia in the 2004 Rugby World Cup?

2003* but the score was: England 20 Australia 17

What rugby team has won the Rugby World Cup in 2000?

There was no Rugby World Cup in 2000. There was one in 1999 won by Australia and the next was in 2003 and won by England.

What was the score in the 2003 union rugby world cup final between England and Australia?

The final score was; England 20 Australia 17.

How many rugby world cups have England won?

England has won one rugby World Cup. In 2003, England defeated Australia 20 to 17. The World Cup is a rugby competition between top international teams that is held every four years.

Who won the 1991 rugby world cup?

Australia beat England 12 - 6

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