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Q: How many events were there in the Summer 2008 Beijing Olympics and swimming?
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What are the swimming events in the summer Olympics?

There are 42 events and they can be found at 2008 Beijing Olympics official website.

Is India in the Beijing 2008 summer Olympics?

Yes they are and should be watched in the shooting events. For the first time also they have competitors in the swimming events.

Did Sania Mirza play in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics?

Sania Mirza represented India in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, in the singles and doubles women's events.

Which events are going to be held in the Beijing Olympics?

swimming, wrestling, boxing, baseball, and cricket

How many total swimming events are in the 2012 summer Olympics men?

There are 17 Men'a events and 17 Women's events for Swimming

Which of these sporting events was held in Beijing in 2008 and will be held in London in 2012?

Summer Olympics

Who won a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics?

Michael Phelps won the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics. He won his sixth gold of the Beijing Games on August 15 by winning the swimming and diving events.

What is the difference of the winter and the summer Olympics?

the summer events have summer things like gymnastics, swimming, etc. and the winter Olympics have mostly things to do with ice.

What are the events in the 2008 Summer Para Olympics?

there is wheel chair basket ball swimming

Is the Olympics an event or a meet?

The summer and winter olympics are meets that are held every 4 years. Although during the meet there are events that take place. e.g (track and field events and swimming events in the summer olympics and skiing or snowboarding in the winter olympics)

How many sports and events were held at the Beijing Olympics?

28 summer sports *new to the clan was softball*

Which countries participated in the swimming events at the 2008 Olympics?

countries that qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics are Japan, America, China, Korea, Australia, Laos (:

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