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If you are from the Us and want to go to the Olympics in swimming, first you have to make a time standard to qualify for Olympic Trials. There are many events, but you can swim a maximum of six at Trials. The top two finishers for each event go to the Olympics. There are 14 individual events, and there are also 4 relays.

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Q: How many women go to the Olympics for swimming?
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How many women are going to the Olympics?

the answer is none its not fair to women but most wont go

When did swimming come to the Olympics?

As far as the modern Olympics go, swimming events have been a part since the first modern Games in 1896.

Can you go to the Olympics when you start swimming at twelve?

I think so because I think they have an Olympics for kids.

What Was Worn In The Ancient Olympics?

Nothing was worn in the Olympics, that's why women weren't allowed to go to the Olympics!(only men were allowed to go to the Olympics)

If women go swimming can this affect chances of conceiving?


Do people in Illinois go skiing and swimming?

There are people in Illinois that ski and swim. Many city parks have swimming pools and so do health clubs. Chicago has beaches for swimming.Kevin Cordes, Naomy Grand’Pierre, Ryan Held and Conor Dwyer went to the Olympics in Rio for swimming. There are people from Illinois that have competed in the Olympics and Special Olympics. There are several ski clubs in Illinois.

Who were allowed in the original Olympics?

nude men competed in the Olympics back then and married women were not allowed to go to the Olympics

How many americans people go to the Olympics games?

how many Americans go to the Olympics

How many days after can you go swimming with stiches?

You can go swimming 24hours after you have had the stiches removed.

Were women allowed to go swimming in the 1800s?

Yes, the women were alowwed to go swimming...why wouldn't they??????? Yes, there were times when they couldn't vote, but there was nothing against them swimming... maybe in certain places they weren't allowed in public places. However, the answer would be yes...

At what time was women allowed to go to the Olympics?

Not in the ancient Olympics - it was a religious celebration for men to the god Zeus. Women had their own separate religious ceremonies to their goddesses.

How do you get in to the Olympics?

First you have to find your skill. For example if it was swimming then you sign up for a swimming club and go to competitions and if you win some and move up to the next level then then next and the next then eventually the Olympics starts watching you then as soon as you know it your in the Olympics! This depends on your skills and how good you are in your state/county.

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