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The steelers 2009-10

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Q: How many super bowl champions have failed to make it back to the super bowl the following year?
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What Super Bowl champions have made it back to the Super Bowl the following year and failed to defend their title?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, that has happened three times: 1) The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII and lost Super Bowl XIII to the Pittsbugh Steelers. 2) The Washington Redskins defeated the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII and lost Super Bowl XVIII to the Los Angeles Raiders. 3) The Green Bay Packers defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI and lost Super Bowl XXXII to the Denver Broncos.

When a team in soccer is relegated can they go back to the premiership?

Yes, if in the following year they are the champions or runners-up in their league.

Who has won back-to-back Champions League medals?


How many failed classes to get held back?

21 failed classes to get held back

When was the last team to be Back to back Stanley cup champions?


What year did ac milan win back to back champions league medals?

1989 and 1990. It was their 3rd and 4th Champions League victories respectively.

How many back to back super bowl champs have there been?

The Super Bowl has had 8 Back to Back Champions. They are:1966 & 1967 Green Bay Packers, Super Bowls I & II1972 & 1973 Miami Dolphins, Super Bowls VII & VIII1974 & 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowls IX & X1978 & 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowls XII & XIII1988 & 1989 San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowls XXIII & XXIV1992 & 1993 Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowls XXVII & XXVIII1997 & 1998 Denver Broncos, Super Bowls XXXII & XXXIII2003 & 2004 New England Patriots, Super Bowls XXXVIII & XXXIX

Who has won back to back champions league winners medals?

AC Milan

What state has back to back National Champions and Heisman Trophy winners?


How many Super Bowl champions did not make it back the following year to defend their title?

Most of them. Out of 42 chances to defend their title, only 8 teams did and only 3 teams tried and failed. Although the Packers, Dolphins, 49'ers, Cowboys, Broncos, Patriots and Steelers (twice) had consecutive victories, none even got a chance for a third. Only 3 times did a team win one Super Bowl, then lose the next one. * The Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl XII, then lost Super Bowl XIII * The Washington Redskins won Super Bowl XVII, then lost Super Bowl XVIII * The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XXXI, then lost Super Bowl XXXII Only twice did the loser of a Super Bowl win the following year, and they were consecutive : * Dallas Cowboys lost Super Bowl V to the Colts, won Super Bowl VI over the Dolphins * Miami Dolphins lost Super Bowl VI to the Cowboys, won Super Bowls VII and VIII (see related question for all winners to date)

Is obesity linked to failed back syndrome?

Failed back syndrome is the failure of surgery or physical therapy to improve pain and/or movement after a back injury. Obesity is one of several problems linked to failed back syndrome and/or chronic pain.

What football teams have recently become Super Bowl champions?

The most recent champions are the Baltimore Ravens. Going back chronologically from there, the past 5 are: New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants.

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