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1989 and 1990. It was their 3rd and 4th Champions League victories respectively.

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Q: What year did ac milan win back to back champions league medals?
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Who has won back to back champions league winners medals?

AC Milan

Who has won back-to-back Champions League medals?


How many times has inter won the champions league?

Inter Milan have won it way back in 1964, and 1965.

Who is the only player to win champions league medals back to back?

Gerard Pique. Manchester United 2008, Barcelona FC 2009.

What teams that have come back after being down 3-0?


What 4 players have won the champions league back to back with to different clubs?

Gerrad pique won with manu(2008) & barcelona(2009) Marcelle Desailly with Marselle and AC Milan Samuel Eto with Barcelona and Inter Milan

Has any team defended the champions league?

No club has won the champions league back to back in its current format ( ie post 1992). Real Madrid, AC Milan, Internazionale, Liverpool, Nottingham Forest, Bayern Munchen, Ajax and Benfica have all won the European cup back-to-back in its previous format.

Who has won champions league back to back?


When you think you will return to ac milan the best team in the world and when ac milan wins the uefa champions league?

AC Milan are one of the most successful clubs in Champions league history having won 7 times in history. They were a force in the champions league as late as 2009 or 2012. But of late, owing to their financial troubles they have been forced to sell their good players and hence haven't got the best players. But you just wait, They might just be back in a few years.

Which club has ever carried the uefa champions league back to back?

If we are talking about the current champions league, then no club has yet. As of now, 4/12/14, Bayern Munich have a chance to pull it off if they beat Real Madrid in the Semi's and win the finals. In the older editions of the Champions Leauge (European Cup), Madrid has won it 5 times in a row (1956-1960), and AC Milan have won it back to back (1989-90).

Which player won back to back champions league?

Paulo Sousa- Dortmund and Juventus

First team ever to win the Champions League back to back?

No team ever has

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