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5 seconds

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Q: How many seconds does a player have to throw the ball inbound?
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How many seconds should it take inbound a basketball and make a basket?

A player has five seconds to inbound the ball, if he/she has not inbound the ball in five seconds, it's a "turnover" the other team gets the ball.

How many seconds does a basketball player have to inbound the ball?


Can there be a held ball on a throw in?

The player has 10 seconds to throw the ball in. After that it is a turnover

In basketball How many seconds do you have to inbound the ball?

5 seconds

How much time you have to inbound the ball?

5 seconds.

Where do you inbound the ball if a free throw misses the rim?

you inbound the ball on the side closest where it missed. if its in the middle either side would be fine.

How many seconds do basketball players have to inbound the ball?


What is a 5-seconds violation?

Different 5 second violations (1) on a throw in, a player has 5 seconds to throw in the ball (2) closely guarded, when the player with possession of the ball in their front court is closely guarded by a defensive player in a legal defensive position, the player can hold or dribble the ball for 4 seconds.

How many seconds does the player in a basketball game get to throw the ball in bounds after it has been scored?

5 seconds

At what point does the count start after a made basket to inbound the ball?

The count starts usually after the referree hands the person inbound passing the ball. This person has (5) seconds to get the ball inbound to another one of their team mates.

When the ball is inbounded in basketball and the player lets it bounce when does the five seconds to inbound the ball end?

The clock ends as soon as it is inbounded so Save that doesn't matter.

How many seconds do you have to throw the ball in?

5 seconds

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