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78654 78654

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Q: How many pro soccer leagues are there in the world?
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How many soccer leagues in England?

82 If you count semi-pro leagues, if not, 4

What sport has the most professional teams?

soccer is the sports that has most pro leagues. It even has a World cup.

Where can you go to be a pro soccer player?

Many many countries around the world have professional leagues. The biggest ones are in England, Spain and Italy these are regarded as the greatest leagues in the world. It is very popular in many other countries like in Mexico, USA and South America.

How many pro soccer teams are there in the world?


How many professonal hockey teams are there in the world?

While the NHL is the top, the best, pro league in the world with 30 teams, there are many pro leagues throughout the world. There are at least 6 pro leagues in North America alone besides the NHL. Then you must consider that Sweden, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, ETC, have their own pro leagues. For example there are at least three levels of pro hockey in Sweden alone that I know of. I haven't counted all teams in all leagues, but I would be safe in saying that there are at least several hundred pro teams in the world, even in Australia.

How many pro basketball leagues are there inthe world?

i would say 99% of countries have a basketball league, and probably 60 % of those are pro.

What are the education requirements to become a pro soccer player?

Most leagues do not have any education requirements. However, many good training programs do exist at schools and colleges, which increase the chance of becoming pro.

When was Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic created?

Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic was created in 2010.

Do the European pro soccer leagues have any Cuban born players?

Yes his name is Manolillo "el Falopa" Blanco

How many hours do soccer players train?

It really depends on the type. Youth leagues in the US practice up to 3 hours a week, Youth leagues in Europe practice up to 6 to 7 hours a week, pro leagues in Europe practice 10+ hours a week.

How many leagues does Hockey have?

Countless... But if you asking about North American pro leagues there are: - NHL - AHL - ECHL - CHL, SPHL, UHL

What is the best pro soccer team in the world?

Liverpool fc!

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