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pro soccer players

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Q: What makes up a pro soccer team?
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What makes up a soccer team?

A soccer team makes up the coach, sometimes an assistant coach, a goalie, your defenders ( normally 2 in older age groups), sometimes a sweeper or midfielder, and typically 3 offense players.

Should I sign up for a soccer team?

Don't ask us. Whatever makes you happy.

What are some sport in Italy that is a major industy?

Italy is really famous for soccer. A lot of people in Europe enjoy soccer, because it's what they grow up doing. The girls pro Italian soccer team is not very good, but over the years the boys team has been very good.

What are the acronyms for US Pro soccer?

Some acronyms for U.S. Pro Soccer would include the USSF which stands for the United States Soccer Federation and there are also three professional soccer league divisions under the United States Soccer Federation. Division I, the strongest and highest division, is made up of teams from MLS or Major League Soccer. Division II is made up of teams from the NASL or the North American Soccer League. Division III, the weakest and lowest division, is made up of teams from the USL Pro, or United Soccer Leagues Professional Division.

Which soccer team in Spain has won the most?

The soccer team in Spain that has won the most is a team that has won the most in the world for clubs. The soccer team club is Real Madrid. This is my favorite soccer team. You can look this up. :)

How many team mates are on a soccer team?

a soccer team is made up of 11 players Well there is 11 players on the field but 15 to18 players on the team

Do semi pro soccer players get paid?

yes, they get paid over $150,000 a year on average for the first year up. Gets more the longer and better you are and more advanced you get for the team you are on.

What is a soccer team that starts with l?

there's no soccer team that's start with l, but if u make it up ya

How does the coach of a soccer team come up with individual parts of a team?

They are already made up

Who is number 18 on the US soccer team?

number 18 on the Us soccer team is Brad Guzan and he is a back up goal keeper.

How many strikers are there on a soccer team?

Up to 10.

How do you keep the squads on Pro Evolution Soccer up to date?

go on edit player

Who makes up a team?

A coach makes up a team. People that work together and don't give up on each other.

What you do to be a soccer player in America?

you can sign up for local team

What is the position winger on a soccer team?

its up the wing of course

What are the stats for the Real Salt Lake soccer team?

The Real Salt Lake Soccer team was founded in the year of 2004. Current up-to-date stats for the Real Salt Lake Soccer team is total points being 222 and the Top Soccer player is Robbie Findley with 29 goals.

What is the soccer unoform?

the soccer uniform is what you wear when you play soccer, exercise shorts/ soccer shorts,team jersey, soccer socks/ socks that come up to knees, shinguards(protect your shin), and cleats(soccer shoes)

Is Ghana a good soccer team?

Ghana is an up and coming team that is on the rise. So the answer is, 'No', they are not.

How early do pro soccer players wake up?

As with anyone else, early enough to get to work on time.

How many people on major league soccer team?

A Major League Soccer club's active roster is comprised of up to 30 players.

How can you be a soccer player?

if you would like to be a soccer player you would have to go your local rec. dept. and sign up for a team

How many people need to participate in soccer?

you can play soccer in a group of as many as you want, however professional soccer is played by 11 players on each team with each team having up to 4 substitutes per match

I am 15 I haven't played soccer since 6th grade I joined my high school team and am on JV I'm not that good so i practice every day can I still be a soccer pro or am I to inexperianced?

Of course providing youre good enough! Yes of course. Some footballers or you say soccer players werent great at first. Practise makes perfect! Just keep working at it even if its a mess about with mates in the park. And dont give up on your dream, but make sure you have a backup plan just in case.

Is a mgp pro 2011 better than team edition?

No way the pro is the base model the team edition is higher up it has better bars and metal core wheels ect while the pro has plastic wheels

Can pro soccer plays play other pro sports?

Andy Goram played for Scotland at football and Cricket but I belive he had to give up cricket when playing for Rangers.