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Yes his name is Manolillo "el Falopa" Blanco

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Q: Do the European pro soccer leagues have any Cuban born players?
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Do they have a designated hitter in the Cuban Baseball League?

I know for certain that the Cuban National Team uses the D.H., but I couldn't find out whether or not it is used in the Cuban leagues.....My guess is that they do use the D.H.

Who is the best Cuban soccer player?

probably Osvaldo Alonso

PHILLIES baseball players with Cuban heritage?


How many active Cuban born players in MLB?


How many Cuban baseball players in hall of fame?


What teams did rube foster play for?

he played for the Cuban x giants in the Negro leagues and the yellow jackets in collage.

Name three Cuban baseball players playing in Havana?

Three from the Habana Industriales of the Cuban National Series:Irait ChirinoYasman Tomas BacallaoStayler A. Hernandez

Who was the first Cuban American to play in the NFL?

There has never been a Cuban American who has played NFL because they are simply not athletic enough to win in the NFL so beware of football players everywhere.

What are Cuba's chief animals raised?

* Cuban Trojan * Bee Hummingbird * Cuban Finch * Cuban Hutia * Cuban Bulldog Bat * Cuban Solenodon * Cuban Mongoose * Cuban Crocodile * Cuban Iguana * Cuban Treefrog

What are some Cuban hobbies?

Probably soccer, because most countrys in Europe are fond of it... You should look up "recreational sports" on Wikipedia

Why are there so many Hispanic baseball players with Russian or Eastern European sounding first names eg Yuniesky Betancourt Alexei Ramirez Ivan Rodriguez Vladimir Guerrero just to name a few?

I think the occupation of Cuba by the Soviets can explain the cuban 1st names.

How long did the Habana baseball club last for?

The Habana baseball club lasted for 83 years. It started in 1878 and finished in 1961. It was one of the oldest baseball clubs in the old Cuban leagues.

Name animals native to cuba?

# Cuban Finch, Cuban Trogan, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Kite, Cuban Parakeet, Cuban Hutia. Greater bulldog bat, Cuban Solenodon, Small Indian Mongoose, Pallid Bat, Cuban crocodile, Cuban ground Iguana, Cuban Boa, Cuban treefrog, Monte Ibeira Dwarf Eleuth.

Is Bella Thorne Hispanic?

She is a mix of Cuban, Irish and Italian. Her dominant European genes make her look Caucasian rather than Latino.

Is there some special animals in cuba?

Birds: Cuban finch, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Trogan, Cuban Parakeet, Cuban Kite Mammals: Cuban Hutia, Greater Bull dog bat, Cuban Solenodon, Small Indian Mongoose, Pallid Bat Reptiles & Amphibians: Cuban Crocodile, Cuban Ground Iguana, Cuban Boa, Cuban Treefrog, Monte Iberia Dwarf Eleuth

Who were the major players of the Spanish-American war?

The major players in the Spanish American War were Spain, the United States, and to a lesser extent Cuba and the Philippines. It was caused by the United States intervening in the Cuban war for independence.

What animals do you find in cuba?

Cuban Land Animals.Land animals include birds like Cuban Finch, Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Trogon, Cuban Parakeet and Cuban Kite. Mammals include the Cuban Hutia, Greater Bulldog Bat, Cuban Solenodon, Small Indian Mongoose and Pallid Bat. Amphibians and Reptiles include Cuban Croc, Cuban Ground Iguana, Cuban Boa, Cuban Treefrog, Mnte Iberia Dwarf Eleuth.

What were the kind of guidelines modified by Cuban predilection in the Cuban revolution?

They are treated according with how the person in question behaves as an individual Cuban or not Cuban.

What are Cuban cigars made of?

Cuban cigars are made of Cuban tobacco.You can see Mike's Cigars for affordable and good cuban cigars

Is Cameron Diaz Cuban?

She is Cuban American.

What is the Cuban revolt?

the cuban revolt is a person

Is Vladimir Guerrero Cuban?

No he is not Cuban he is Dominican.

Is Adam Rodriguez Cuban?

he is part Cuban

Is Zendaya Cuban?

no your not cuban i watch your show

What movie has a guy wearing a pith hat smoking a cigarette?

Cuban Spy the Story of Cuban Spy Alvarez in the Cuban Hit Cuban Spy the Story of Cuban Spy Alvarez