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11 on the feild

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Q: How many player can each team have on the soccer team?
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How many player are in soccer?

11 on each soccer team

How many player in soccer?

eleven on each team (in the field)

How many player in a soccer team?

There are eleven players on the field from each team.

How many player are on the field for each soccer team for Europe teams?

There are only eleven players allowed on the pitch , by each team at a time.

Where can a soccer player team only play soccer?

On a soccer feid that has goals aat each end

How many players are on a soccer ball team?

11 on each team.

How many players are there in each team in soccer?


How many players in soccer in each team?

11 in each team, with usually three reserves.

How many midfielders are there in soccer?

The number of midfielders a team uses during a match may vary, depending on the team's and each individual player's role.

How many people are out on the field for soccer?

11 for each team.

How many players does soccer take?

Eleven in each team.

In soccer how many players are on the field for each team?


How many player are on each team in soccer?

there is 11 players out in the field but there is more for replacement. But mainly there is only 11 player that get to play out in nthe field.

How many times has US soccer team played the Mexican soccer team?

They have played each other about 50-60 times :) :) :)

How many players play at a time for a team in soccer?

11 players play for each team in a soccer match (including the goalkeeper.)

How many players are on an indoor soccer team?

A indoor soccer team (or a futsal team) has 5 player, one goalkeeper and four field players.

How many people are on each side when are playing soccer?

11 on a team.

How many people need to participate in soccer?

you can play soccer in a group of as many as you want, however professional soccer is played by 11 players on each team with each team having up to 4 substitutes per match

How many soccer teams are there?

There are too many to count. Each small area of the world has at least one soccer team!

How many people are on each team for soccer?

11 players representing each team are allowed on the football field. Each team is allowed 3 subsitutes.

How many players are in a soccer slime team?

Slime soccer is a game available to play online, it can be either a one player to two player game. As one player the computer plays, for two player the opponents play against each other.

How many starter soccer players on a soccer team?

There are 11 players in a football team for each side on the pitch at any one time.

How many soccer players are in the Mexican soccer team?

there are only 11 in the field but there are like 16-20 players overall in each team

How many players from each team are on the field in a soccer game?

11 players

How many men on a soccer field?

23.... 11 from each Team and the Referee.