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They have played each other about 50-60 times :) :) :)

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Q: How many times has US soccer team played the Mexican soccer team?
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How many times has Italy played England in soccer?

They have played each other 34 times and it is called football not 'soccer' thank you.

How many teams in Mexican soccer league?

32 soccer teams

How many times has Mexico soccer team played colombia?


How many times Argentina played a soccer world cup final?

I think it was 14 times.

How many players are in the federation Mexican of soccer?


How many times has Australia played in the soccer world cup finals?

4 times0

How many times did Slovenia played the soccer world cup?

2010 will be their second appearance.

How many players played in ancient times soccer during a game?

Officially there are no proves of football in ancient times....

How many world cups has the women's Mexican soccer team competed in?

Two: 1999 and 2011 (both times eliminated in the group stage).

How many Mexican citizens watch soccer on a weekly basis?

Millions. Soccer is a big deal for Mexicans.

How many people played soccer in 2000?

1 billion people played soccer in 2000

How many counties is soccer played in?

207 countries play soccer

How many half times are there in soccer?


How many times did the German soccer team attended in the soccer world championship including 2010?

17 times

How many times has Ireland played in the soccer world cup finals?

Which Ireland are you talking about, Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland?

How many soccer players are in the Mexican soccer team?

there are only 11 in the field but there are like 16-20 players overall in each team

How many times Brazil soccer world champion?

5 times!!

How many times has Mexico won a soccer game?

From 1929 to 2009 Mexico's official national futball, or soccer team had won 480 games out of 721 games played.

How many soccer games have been played?

it is estimated by "Steltz" that 600,670,992,552,617,005 games of soccer have been played globally.

How many times has the world cup soccer been held?

The world cup soccer has been held 21 times.

How many times has el salvador beaten Mexico in soccer?

El Salvador has beat Mexico four times in Soccer.

How many consecutive times has the US played in the FIFA World Cup soccer?

The U.S.A played consecutively from 1994 , 1998, 2002 and 2006. world cups.

How many times have ku beat mu?


How many times do you get a break in a soccer match?


What does gp-gs stand for in soccer stats?

gp:Games played gs:Goals scored Many times GS statnds for Games Started. The U.S. Soccer Development Academy uses it this way.