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On the field nine players will play at a time, although rosters range from having 12-18 players generally.

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Q: How many play on a softball team at one time?
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How many players are there on the field at one time for a team in softball?

9 players

How many players are there on the field at one time for team in softball?

9 defensive players.

How many players play at one time in slowpitch softball?

10 on the field

How many players are on a softball team?

Usually about twelve or thirteen players are on a team... There are always nine players on the field at a time.

Do you have to play high school softball to get into college softball?

Not necessarily, most softball recruiting is done through travel/summer teams. Also, many softball programs are not that good and could be considered a waste of time.

How many people does it take to play softball?

most of the time it only takes 9 people.

How many people can play softball at one time?

9 on the field in fastpitch and 10 in slowpitch

How many batters are there on a softball team?

Typically, 9 batters are on the line-up at a time. When playing the 'extra player' rules, you can bat 10 players. Usually, the number of people on a softball team is anywhere from 11-13.

What time of year do you play rounders?

Usually in the summer or any other time you play baseball or softball.

Who are the members of a softball team?

Well depends on where ur playing but usually a team can have up to 12 players.BUT when they take the field only nine of them can play at a time. I hope i answered your question

Is softball a hard sport to play?

Yes, somtimes. But no not all the time. If you work hard and enjoy it, it does not seem as hard as if you don't. I play softball and love it.

How many people on a soccer team play at a time?


How many soccer players on a team can play at a time?

Only eleven footballers in a club can play at a time.

How many girl play softball?

i play it. its fun. keeps the awesome time going. SOFTBALL teaches lessons for life...and the game. i love every minute i am on the field. on a team theres 9 positions to be filled but normally a coach has 14 players...back ups you kno in case of an injury. sub players..and one to be the DH

How many player on the field in softball?

There are nine players at a time on the field for fastpitch softball and ten for slow pitch softball

What team did vinnie Jones play for?

vinnie has played for many football team's in his life time ,

How many players can play at a time per team?

11 11

How many players play at a time for a team in soccer?

11 players play for each team in a soccer match (including the goalkeeper.)

What softball team won in the last olympics?

Japan won the last Olympic softball event. That was the only time the USA did not win the gold medal.

How many basketball players can play on a team at one time?

5 people play on the court at one time. Most of the time there are about 15 to 25 people all together on a team.

How many teenage girls play softball?

Supposedly, when starting (age 6). 48% play (t-ball, coach pitch) but as time goes on, it drops to about 29%.

How many players can be on a each volleyball team?

a team of 12 players.. at a time 6 can play on ground..

What was the origin of softball?

The change up. each time you make a play or just sit out

How many players play in a volleyball team?

You may have as many people as u want on a team but only 6 may play at a time in the game and the rest out. Then you rotate.

How many players are needed in a softball field at a time?

9 players are required to start a softball game. That would be one fielder playing every position. Also there needs to be an opposing team to bat against the defense.