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people who play paintball play because some of them want to be in the military or law

enforcement or to experience paintball

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Q: How many people play paintball in Canada?
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How many people paintball in Canada?

There is no way of really knowing because more and more people start to play paintball each day.

How many people can play per game in paintball?

As many as you want.

How many people per gender play paintball?

There are millions of people who play paintball. Although there tends to be more male players than female.

Where do people play paintball?

At paintball facilities, or their own property.

How many people play paintball in the world?

Over 12 million people play paintball in the world, the numbers rise everyday (they already out number the people who play baseball!), and include over 100 countries!

How many people play paintball in the US?

Currently there are about 10.4 million participants of the sport of paintball in the U.S. That is more than baseball!!

Do people play paintball all over the the world?

Yes and No. There are many countries that play around the world. The USA has the most players, but Canada, Sweden, Russia, and other countries all have professional teams.

How counties play paintball?

I don't know how many counties, but ove 100 countries play paintball.

Where did people play paintball?

I'm guessing you're asking, "Where DO* people play paintball. You can play paintball anywhere from a public field to out in the woods behind your house. It can be played basically anywhere that you can find stuff to hide behind.

Can a criminal play paintball in canada. if his offense had nothing to do with paintball guns?

Unless the courts said he/she cant play, I cant think of a reason why they would be banned from playing.

How many people ages from 14 to 22 that play paintball?

I know tons of people that play paintball from ages 14 i started at 12, I'm now 17, and majority of people i know that play are anywhere from 14 to 40. Paintball is that kind of sport, if you find your too old to run change playing positions:) -shanie

How many people play basketball in Canada in a year?

How many people play basketball

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