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Wrestling can be about 50% to 80% fake determining what kind! If it's a circuit or local wrestling chances are they're really injuring each other, but smackdown and raw wrestling (TV viewed) have scripts to make there show more interesting! As with any organized wrestling sport (exept school wrestling) the winner is pre determined to insure the two people fighting don't seriously injure each other trying to win. So yes I think TV wrestling is fake in most way's but in TV wrestling and local circuit wrestling, they are trained to make sure there moves don't break bones! They have loads of practice perfecting there tricks so that they don't screw up and put someone in a wheelchair for the rest of there life. There is always realism in wrestling even if it's just 2 kids pretending to wrestle outside, there will always be moments when someone actually hits one another!

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Q: How many people out of ten believe that wrestling is fake?
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