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Surprisingly, yes. I used to work with developmentally disabled males and many of them did in fact believe that pro Wrestling was real.

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Q: Does anyone think professional wrestling is real?
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Is a Nelson hold legal in real professional wrestling?

I'm confused by what you mean when you say "real professional wrestling". Professional wrestling is not real wrestling, it is entertainment. If you mean real, collegiate wrestling, then yes. It is.

Are the thumbtacks in WWE real?

All thumbtacks in professional wrestling are real....

What was Ring of Honor wrestling started?

Ring of Honor wrestling was started in 2009. It is a professional wrestling TV series that follows several real life professional wrestler's careers.

Can you be 13 years old and do wrestling?

If you mean real wrestling, the answer is YES. They start them a lot younger then that. If your talking about wrestling as they do in Professional Wrestling, I would say no.

Are the finishing moves in 'Professional' wrestling real or fake?

its totally fake

Are WrestleMania matches real or fake?

Undoubtedly, all professional wrestling is choreographed.

Is the blood real in wrestling?

of course the blood in wrestling is real theyre professional wrestlers and know how to do their jobs and bleed :) cm punk is the best in world :)

Can anyone tell what are the WWE superstars real jobs?

The wwe superstars real jobs are wrestling.

Can anyone tel what are the WWE superstars real jobs?

wrestling of course!

Is wrestling real?

Wrestling is not faked, but not real. It's real but pre-determined. It's hard to tell when it's staged and when it's not. However, high school wrestling and cage fighting is totally real. The storylines are scripted, the wrestling moves are real and painful anyone saying the wrestling moves do not hurt or they are not actually hitting each other has never been in the ring.

What do Americans most likely think are real?

WWE Wrestling

Is WWE wrestling real?

Most of the time it is not real and only for entertainment purposes, some of the wrestling matches are real though. Sorry but no wrestling is not fake it is scripted which is two different things. The wrestling moves are very real and very painful have you even been in the ring didn't think so. I have.

Is it true wrestling is real?

yes, wrestling is real

Is WWE true or false?

While the results and winners are predetermined in professional wrestling companies like World Wrestling Entertainment, the pain and physical activity that many of the athletes endure and go through is very real. Many professional wrestlers have suffered intense injuries from the hard impact activity that goes on inside a professional wrestling ring.

Is wraseling real?

I don't think "wraseling" is a word. Wrestling is a word, and it is a sport. However, there are some televised versions of wrestling that are more acting than wrestling. I won't go into specifics, but the televised "good guys" vs. "bad guys" (and now girls!) are not your real, authenic, wrestling. Wrestling is a high school and college sport here in America. That kind of wrestling is "real".

How many people think WWE is real?

The storylines are scripted the actual wrestling moves are not they are real and painful

Is professional wrestling real?

Real = It exists? Yes.Real = Not choreographed, not planned, entirely spontaneous event? No, it is a planned spectacle.It's pretty much real because when they get hurt blood comes out.Not acting!On my thoughts I think it is scripted which means written from a paper and then copied.They have storylines.For example WWE says Kane(Glenn Jacobs) and The Undertaker(Mark Calaway) are step-brothers.Believe me there notI searched it up on Wikipedia.So if you think wrestling is fake,it is scripted,and if you think storylines are fake,your pretty much correct.Not all wrestling is fake though for example if you wrestle outside a wrestling location you are choosing what you are doing. :)

Is Vincent Kennedy McMahon still alive?

no I'm very sure he is still alive. everyone knows professional wrestling in not real the explosion could have been computerized or the person or thing that stepped into the limo was not the real Vincent Kennedy McMahon.It could have been a robot. I noticed he did not say anything as he was walking by everyone to go to his limo. I am very sure he is still alive. I think anyone who believes everything that happens in professional wrestling is real, is foolish. August 30, 2008 Yes he is still very much alive. I also thing anyone who belives everything that happens in professional wrestling is all fake is also foolish. The winner is decided before the match, but the injuries, chair shots, going through tables are very much real as these are not "hollywood" props. I should know been there done that. could it be so hard to say when he got in the car they stopped the camera while he got out of it the played it again and blew up the limo

Why do some people think we can't land on the moon?

It is unknown, but there are certain people who believe the entire Appolo program in the sixties and seventies was "faked". They are usually the same people who believe that professional wrestling is "real".

When did professional wresiling first come around?

REAL wrestling (not that WWE garbage) is the first sport ever. They wrestled in the Bible!!

What are opinions on whether professional wrestling should be real or fake?

Most of the wrestling that you see on TV, namely WWE, is fake. That's why it's called World Wrestling Entertainment. There are writers that come up with the matches, the results, and side stories.

Is wrestling fight a real fight?

The storylines are fake the wrestling moves are real

Is wrestling real or acted?

the wrestling is real but it is scripted and has a pre-determined outcome

When was Real Championship Wrestling created?

Real Championship Wrestling was created in 2009.

When was Real Quality Wrestling created?

Real Quality Wrestling was created in 2005.

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