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yes in fact most of it is real but some of Wrestling is fake Many moves are real, they just know how to do them to decrease damage.

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Q: Isn't some of wrestling real
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Wrestling is real?

wrestling is not real because lets say gets kick in they face and no blood came out some one get lash with a steel chair in they back and in break they get up and fight again obviously it isnt real if it was real all d wrestlers would of done died :)

Is wrestiling real or not?

some of it is real and some of it isnt.

Is wrestling for real?

some matches in wrestling are real some are not wrestling matches may be pretdetermined but tghey are REALL

Is rey meysterio bad?

no, rey mysterio is a kind and caring man,well in wrestling he isnt. but in real he is a very good person

What is the difference between real wrestling and fake?

real wrestling is WWE which can hurt alot but some is fake and TNA is almost entirely fake which is not as sore a real wrestling

Is American Wrestling Real?

Some of it but some of it is scripted.

Is WWE wrestling real?

Most of the time it is not real and only for entertainment purposes, some of the wrestling matches are real though. Sorry but no wrestling is not fake it is scripted which is two different things. The wrestling moves are very real and very painful have you even been in the ring didn't think so. I have.

In wrestling is the hitting and and kicking and object hitting real?

Some of it is real, not all of it.

In wrestling is the hitting real?

Some of it is real, while the other half is fake

Is a Nelson hold legal in real professional wrestling?

I'm confused by what you mean when you say "real professional wrestling". Professional wrestling is not real wrestling, it is entertainment. If you mean real, collegiate wrestling, then yes. It is.

Is wraseling real?

I don't think "wraseling" is a word. Wrestling is a word, and it is a sport. However, there are some televised versions of wrestling that are more acting than wrestling. I won't go into specifics, but the televised "good guys" vs. "bad guys" (and now girls!) are not your real, authenic, wrestling. Wrestling is a high school and college sport here in America. That kind of wrestling is "real".

Is it true wrestling is real?

yes, wrestling is real

Is the wrestling blood fake?

Some of it but most of the injuries are real. No it is not

Is half of wrestling fake?

Wrestling Can Be Fake and Real , TNA Wrestling is 50 Percent real and 50 Percent Fake , As For The WWE They Are Like 65 Percent Fake and 45 Percent real , ECW Was all Real In The Ring but Was Staged , Wrestling is both Fake and Real.

Is wrestling fight a real fight?

The storylines are fake the wrestling moves are real

Is wrestling real or acted?

the wrestling is real but it is scripted and has a pre-determined outcome

When was Real Quality Wrestling created?

Real Quality Wrestling was created in 2005.

When was Real Championship Wrestling created?

Real Championship Wrestling was created in 2009.

Is wrestling real?

Wrestling is not faked, but not real. It's real but pre-determined. It's hard to tell when it's staged and when it's not. However, high school wrestling and cage fighting is totally real. The storylines are scripted, the wrestling moves are real and painful anyone saying the wrestling moves do not hurt or they are not actually hitting each other has never been in the ring.

Will someone answer the question isn't some of wrestling real?

Wrestling is very real. there is 1 fake thing about it and that is the weapons. the wwe law is that the weapons had to be fake or else. i know this because i have talked to the wwe headquaters to find this out. this is bslab here saying that i deliver th truth. i know all about alot of stuff i have an exciting life and know alot of celebrities. thank u Some wrestling is real but most wrestling is fake.

Is WWE Raw real wrestling?

It is actually! raw stands for real athletic wrestling

Is the wrestling for real or just for entertainmetn?

It is both! The storyline is entertainment the wrestling part is real

If wrestling is real why not play in Olympic?

wrestling is not real but Kurt angl either does or did Olympics

How do they fake punches in wrestling?

wrestling is real

Can you capture a real tooth fairy?

Ok everyone Santa Claus isnt real! The tooth fairy isnt real! The easter bunny is real because there are bunnies in real life. BUT NO YOU CANT CATCH A TOOTH FAIRY THEY ARENT REAL!