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as many as you want

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Q: How many people do you need to play in a softball game?
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How many people well it need to play softball?

For a real game, you would need 18 total ( 9 on each team )

How many points do you need to win a softball game?

At least one more than the other team at the end of the game

How many points do you need to win in softball or baseball?

More than the other team when the game ends

What kind of education do softball players need?

There is no required education that a softball needs, but to be the best of their ability they should have knowledge in the game.

How many people on a softball team?

you only need about 8 or 9 players but you might need a few extra in case of injury.

Is there a book called softball for dummies?

There is not a specific book on Softball for Dummies, but there are many other books that can help you if you need to find out more about softball.

Why do you need a gill in softball?

you dont. i play softball and i have no clue what a gill is. far as my knowledge, fish need gills, not softball players.

Need examples on why softball is easy?

Softball isn't easy.

How many people do you need for the game Family Business?

2-6 people.

What do you need to do to become a pro softball player?

well u need good grades and to love the game no matter wat!- Jennie Finch

How is softball a mind game?

you need to have really quick thinking and a time clock in your head to know which base to throw to

What is the minimum number of fielder you need to start a game of softball?

You must have a minimum of 9 players to start a softball game. You may, however, play with 8 players if one player becomes unable to play (injury, leaving, etc.)

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