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11 ppl are allowed to play on the field, plus the other players on the sidelines.

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Q: How many paople are in each soccer team?
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How many player can each team have on the soccer team?

11 on the feild

How many players are there in each team in soccer?


How many players in soccer in each team?

11 in each team, with usually three reserves.

How many players does soccer take?

Eleven in each team.

How many people are out on the field for soccer?

11 for each team.

How many soccer players in a team?

There are eleven players on the field from each team.

How many times has US soccer team played the Mexican soccer team?

They have played each other about 50-60 times :) :) :)

How many players are one the field for each soccer team?


How many soccer teams are there?

There are too many to count. Each small area of the world has at least one soccer team!

How many players are to be allowed to be in a football field?

football or soccer soccer 22 ,11 on each team football not a clue

How many players from each team take the field in a soccer game?

11 players (including the goalie) take the field from each team.

How many people play each position on a soccer team?

it ususally 3-4