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a player has to make 10 apps to get a medal

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Q: How many medals are awarded for winning English Football premiership?
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What is the prize money in the English premier league?

Upon winning the English premiership title, the club is awarded in the region of 14-15million pounds.

What is the price money Chelsea will get for winning 2009 2010 English premiership?

Chelsea will be awarded 16,000,000 pounds for winning the Premiership. The team below them (Manchester United) will be awarded 800,000 less. Going down the table from there, each team is awarded 800,000 less than the team above them, finishing with Portsmouth who were awarded 800,000 only.

Who is winning the premiership?

Chelsea are 1st but the premiership us not over

What was the highest winning margin in a Premiership Football Match?

9-0 Manchester United versus Ipswich Town

How much does a team get by winning the premiership?


How many point are awarded to a team for winning a match in the group stage?

3 points are awarded for winning on the group stage!

Which English football side has gone the longest since winning an away game?

the dolphines

Which team has been in the top flight of English football without winning the title?

The team to be in the top flight of English football and not win the cup is Aston Villa.

If you win the AFL premiership how much money do you win?

For winning the 2010 premiership Collingwood received $1million in prize money.

What is billy slaters tattoo?

Storm 07 - (celebration of winning the premiership)

How many points per goal in football?

There would be many answers to this question as there are many football codes. American football, Gaelic, Aussie rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union etc. However if you mean the most popular form of football in the world, Association Football (Soccer) there are no points awarded for goals. Points are awarded for winning (3) or drawing (1).

What premiership teams were three nil down and ended winning?

Liverpool did it and they rule!

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